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I went fasting for almost ten hours but upon checking my sugar levels are still way too high. Anybody had that?
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Well, that's not a great sign.  Mine is usually down when fasting.  The only time it wasn't was when I'd cheated before the blood work and ate a half of peanut butter sandwich (not smart on my part).  I would say that you need to speak to your doctor about this.  Are you diagnosed type 2 diabetes and this is why you are checking?  Are you on treatment for it?  Or was this prior to a test?  
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How high is high?  Are you already diagnosed with diabetes?
Tell us some more about yourself.
If you are diagnosed with diabetes then approach will be lower carb diet, exercise, weight management, and medications (as necessary) to bring your sugar levels down to normal range.
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Are you on meds that drive blood sugar up - such as statins for high cholesterol or some high blood pressure meds?
I had no idea these meds made sugar go up!  Thanks for that tid bit of info!!
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I have high blood sugars in the morning and was told this was a condition called Predawn Syndrome. Has anyone else heard of this or have it. Ask your doctor if this could be what you have too.
Hi.  Yes, this is called "Dawn Phenomenon".  It quite a common experience for people with diabetes.  It happens when the liver releases glucose in the early morning in response to the extended overnight fast.  Pancreas / insulin release / insulin sensitivity is not able to keep up with the rise.  It can be addressed by : 1. Trying a small snack before bedtime (protein typically best) to reduce the duration of fasting.  2. Eating a small snack as soon as get up in the morning to help kick start the pancreas (also should be lower carb). 3. Exercise.  4. Medication (first line would typically be metformin / Glucophage).
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