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Shortness of breath when hungry

Hi I always get shortness of breath when I'm hungry. My hunger is growing too.
Glucose levels are normal. Any idea?
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The quality and quantity of your post is in direct proportion to the amount given in a response. With so many unknowns, I Google'd your title "Shortness of breath when hungry" and got back 56,100 hits. Take your pick   http://tinyurl.com/cemv3t
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Ok here's the report
- no heart problems
- blood glucose normal, not sure of insulin levels though
- no asthma (lungs sounds are good , no wheezing but it feels like asthma)
- No hypoglacemia , i checked fasting BG during episodes and during fasting
- Went to a neurologist, he says I'm neurologically fine

I think it's kind of insulin resistance.. do lung muscles have a problem due to IR?
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"no wheezing but it feels like asthma"
Make an appointment with a Pulmonologist/Pulmonary Specialist.

Insulin resistance can be tested for. IR can be found in people who are obese, pregnant, under stress, severe infection, or under steroids.
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I have the same problem and I don’t know what it is.  I also am on a drug called Ocrevus, which is pretty powerful like chemo, and many other drugs to manage my MS, so I wasn’t too worried about this minor problem that only happens when I’m hungry.  But glad to see someone else experiences the same thing that I do and I’m not crazy!!
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