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My husband, who is 33 and overweight, was trying to go to sleep last night, got up out of bed and was complaining of burning, tingling sensations all over his right side. Mainly in his arm and his foot. I do not know if I am at the right forum, but I have always heard that burning and numbness in hands and feet is a sign of diabetes!!!!??? Anyone ever experience these sensations before? If it is serious we will go to the doc but it is hard because we have no insurance and cannot afford it. Should we go anyway?
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When was the last time your husband had a "checkup", not a "physical"? If its been over two years he's due. The differences between the two is a checkup is a complete health exam that includes major blood labs on cholesterol panel, glucose levels, heart listening and so on. A physical exam is where the doctor listens to you breathe, weighs you, takes your temperature, and has you sit while he whacks you knee for reaction.  However, the symptoms you wrote about could be a diabetic reaction, a mild stroke, a pinched nerve, or any number of health related issues that only a doctor would know what to do. That's where a checkup would benefit him the most.

Without insurance, I know its hard on the old pocket book because most doctors will only accept non-insured patients unless payed up front, and they're not cheap. But don't have false hopes. There are doctors who will work out payment plans (zero interest 2) to fit your income payment level. It took many calls around but my cousin was able to find one and I'll be darn if she isn't a great and caring doctor.
Good luck.
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My husband has never had a check up! He has been to the ER for ear infection, sinus infection, in other words, only when he was in terrible pain has he seen a doc. The health care in our area is horrible. We live in clarksville, Tn, voted number 1 as the worst place to raise children because of our school systems and our health care! Thank you for your advice, I will research and see what I can find!
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