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Dangers of eating sugary foods for Type 2 while taking Ozempic and insulin?

My husband with Type 2 for 30 years has started eating a lot of sugary foods since he started ozempic and insulin. This must be bad for him, but could someone explain how it is bad? Thanks
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Hi there. Welcome to the forum. You feel he's now craving sugar when he hadn't before? This is after a type 2 diagnosis and starting insulin and ozempic? (just wanting to clarify if I'm understanding what you are asking). So, think about insulin. It brings your sugar levels in your blood down. What happens if it is a big change for us or is bringing them down a bit too low? We crave sugar. I'd talk to his doctor about the cravings. It may indicate something they need to work with to get the right situation of medication for him. Same with ozempic. It increases insulin and that also will result in lowering of blood sugar which then can induce sugar cravings.

I think he needs to express what is happening to his doctor. For guidance. Then I'd consult a dietician specializing in diabetes. This helps manage his food in a safe way.

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