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explosive diarrhea

Is there anyone out there with type 2 diabetes who experiences spontaneous explosive diarrhea? If so, what medications are you taking and has it been linked to any particular medication? My husband developed this embarrassing and upsetting episodic condition only after being put on medication for diabetes. It affects him every three or four days. We are grateful for any help or suggestions.
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Unfortunately I have this too.  I do not believe that it has anything to do with the diabetic medication as I had been on the meds for years before this situation occured.

Initially I was sent to a Gastroenterologist who was unable to help.  Returning to my primary physician she called it "Diabetic Diarrhea" with no other explanation and no help.  Subsequently I was sent to another Gastro man and was given a Colenoscopy {numerous).  He still had no idea what I had but simply asked if I would rather have "diarrhea or constipation"?  Having had the embarrasing condition for so very long I of course chose the constipation.  He gave me a med called "Colestipol" to be taken twice a day.  I do not take it every day, but did advise him of this.  Have your husband seen by a Gastroenterologist.  {My diabetic meds are Metformin and Glipizide}

Hopefully he will find a better answer than I did.  Please keep us advised.

Thanks ~ Anita
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You can read the info that comes with your drugs to find out which med  might be responsible for the event and tell your doctor
You might try helping your GI tract out with Psyllum Caps .
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"My husband developed this embarrassing and upsetting episodic condition only after being put on medication for diabetes."
His doctor must be notified of his severe reactions to the medication ASAP. Not everyone can tolerate medications alike, even after a period of years one can have a negative reaction. His doctor has alternative choices he/she can prescribe. Do not take no as an answer.
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i my self have had that same problim don't know what it was but since i started taking my new meds its accutally gone in the opposite direction its gotten so bad that it accutaly clogs my drain go figure.
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My husband developed this condition about three years ago. He was on Byetta (sp?), Metformin and Glyburide. The culprit looked like Metformin to me, but I could not get him to discuss the problem with his diatetes specialist. He kept saying it would go away. About a year ago he developed extreme pain and I got him to the hospital by ambulance. He had a burst appendix.

The surgeon described what he found. There was extreme inflammation and a necrotic mass. Everything was so displaced that he had to use the more traditional incision to even find the appendix, which was on the left side, behind something or other. He also found that the colon was enlarged, long and looped. I asked him why he didn't cut out the excess colon and he said there was too much else going on at the time. That made sense.

The condition continued. A few months later he developed a huge hernia which needed extensive surgical repair. As usual he pooh poohed the first signs and the problem became greater than it should have been. (It seems to me that men scare much more easily than women and their reaction is to put their heads in the sand.)

He still has the problem. I have been trying to get him to call the surgeon to find out if the colon problem was the result of inflammation or genetic. It seems to me he has to start there. My husband is really stubborn.

Have any of you had a problem with Metformin? With Glyburide? Please let me know. And thank you all for your input.
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The culprit was Metformin.
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