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glucose meter -which one is best

I would like your opinion on which glucose meter is best.  My insurance will pay for one either from Abbot or Lifescan.  I've gone online and I get mixed reviews on the One Touch Ultra and Freestyle. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I have used the J&J One Touch Ultra Mini for the past 4 years. Consumer Reports rates it #1 as the only meter providing consistently accurate results. For what its worth, the OTUM is the only meter sold by my HMO's Pharmacy.

Man made gizmos seem to break at unexpected times so I got a backup meter just in case. You can get a free Ultra Mini here. Takes 4-6 weeks for delivery https://www.onetouchgold.com/simplestart/
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Thanks for the tip- I had narrowed it down to the One Touch Ultra Mini or Smart One.
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Does the Ultra mini hurt when using it? I've read that the lancet can be painful.  Also, what do you think about testing on the forearm instead of the finger?
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The finger tips are sensitive especially to needle like objects breaking the skin. The lancet causes a grin and bear with it ouch. More or less why they invented meters for use on forearms, thighs, and abdomen. I rarely test so the finger is OK with me.
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My two cents worth is that initially, at least, you are going to have to resolve yourself to take lots of blood sugar sticks. Yipes! The automatic needle sticker is pretty painless. The test strips will be an expense and your insurance company may not pay for enough. If you eat the same kinds and quantities of foods consistantly, at the same time, once you have established the routine you can cut down on the sticks. Modern meters have a memory, which means you don't have to write everything down. The technology has matured and they all are pretty good, but as Waverider said, it's nice to have a spare.
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I really like my Acucheck advantage   uses small blood drop
I never waste strips     quite accurate  was free!
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