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help/diabetes and kidneys

I was reading and I read something about Diabetes now being considered a disability.. Is that right can someone answer that for me.. I am still trying to get my sugars under control I have been diabetic since 2006, I was seeing a Dr regularly until I move to Fla in 2009..ever since it has been hard without insurance..

I am fighting to try to get some medical insurance through my state and it is very hard. I can not afford the insurance that is out there and since it is a pre- existing condition most insurance places charge more money because of it.. I also have a rare disease/disorder in my kidneys to where I get stones and reoccurring infections called Medullary Sponge Kidney.. could that also be a disability? I usually go to the hospital 1-3 times a year with huge stones that have to be surgically removed. as of right now I have quiet a few stones in each kidney..  
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I understand the difficulty of getting health insurance especially with pre-existing conditions. I was in the same boat years back where insurance companies avoided me like the plague. This is a reason why I'm an advocate of a national public health plan much like those in place in Canada and parts of Europe.

"Diabetes now being considered a disability"
A disability is something physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional or developmental that prevents one from normal everyday activities. Diabetes is not considered a disability because one is able to control and manage their glucose levels with the assistance of medication and lifestyle changes. There are those that have gotten off medication with lifestyle changes alone, basically reversing themselves from a diabetic to a normal state. However, if ones diabetes is ignored, diabetes side effects come into play that will lead to physical impairment.

"still trying to get my sugars under control"
Go to the bottom of this page, click on #2 [page 2] and scroll down to this thread

                           Can Type 2 diabetes be reversed?
                           by thomasd11, Jul 30, 2011 08:00PM

Read the entire thread as suggestions to foods to eat and avoid, exercise and weight are offered with posters replying back with favorable outcomes. Here you will find how to control and manage your diabetes with basic lifestyle changes.

As far as your kidneys MSK is not considered a disability as it is treatable. If you have cysts it is to my understanding no treatment can get rid of cysts and your doctor may classify you then as disabled.
Good luck with the insurance. In the meantime you might try Google'ing free clinics in your area.
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This sentence, "As far as your kidneys MSK is not considered a disability as it is treatable." should follow with this, "State disability laws vary from state to state. In Calif disability starts with the attending physician declaring you disabled then filing appropriate state disability form/s. This includes filing for SSDI [Social Security Disability Insurance]." I suggest you check with your Nephrologist and/or Urologist to see if you qualify.
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