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Pre diabetic?

Hi, I have dark underarms and thighs as well. I know whenever a person starts to get these things it can be a symptom of diabetes. All my blood work comes back negative but I continue having the dark areas, what could it be? Could I be a PRE diabetic?
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So, do you think you might just have a skin issue darkening these areas?  Could you try to remove the dry/dead skin (even though you don't really see it as dry/dead skin)?  Lemon juice is supposed to lighten it as well.  Your numbers would indicate if you have prediabetes or are in watch mode for potential diabetes.  I'd look for other causes of this darkening of the skin.  good luck
Thank you.
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Thats a new one on me... never heard of dark areas as a symptom of diabetes
Yes, however people mostly get it on their neck
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this is called acanthans nigrens.   The skin is dark and velvety in texture.  It looks like "dirt", but it is not.

It is a well-known sign of insulin resistance.

Persons having this sign typically have high insulin levels, and may be at very high risk of progressing to diabetes in time.

It is not prediabetes, as your blood sugar levels can still be normal.  However, it is a warning sign.

If you have this sign, you would be very well advised to have regular monitoring of insulin and blood sugar levels.

You would be advised to take steps to reduce insulin resistance.  These include:-

1. Removal of added sugars from diet / consider low carb diet.
2. Regular exercise (ideally daily, or most days of every week).
3. Normalise weight / lose weight, if overweight.

Hope this helps.
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I spelt it wrongly.  Here, again:

Acanthosis nigricans is a fairly common skin pigmentation disorder. The most notable sign of acanthosis nigricans is dark patches of skin with a thick, velvety texture. These patches may appear on the armpits, groin, neck, elbows, knees, knuckles, or skin folds. Lips, palms, and soles of the feet may also be affected.
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What is acanthosis nigricans?

1.  The most notable sign of acanthosis nigricans is dark patches of skin with a thick, velvety texture.
2. It’s most common in those who are overweight, have darker skin, and have diabetes or prediabetic conditions.
3. The most frequent trigger for acanthosis nigricans is too much insulin in your bloodstream.
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