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What should BG BE and how long til changes help?

Recently diagnosed pre diabetic. Fasting has been 92-111. Last 2 weeks. This orange "meter" in this app seems to say that's in range, but afraid it's too high. I am doing all I can to lower, have been very educated, thank God. Wondering how it can take for lifestyle changes to get it down.  At what point is medication needed?
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Ideal fasting levels will be < 95.  Perhaps the app is saying this is in range because blood sugar levels are only considered diabetic once they are 125 or higher for fasting.

Are you eating low carb?  Many find this is very helpful to lower blood sugar.  A small snack at night (low carb / fat/ protein based), may actually help your fasting numbers (because it makes it less likely for your liver to put out glucose in the early morning - called dawn phenomenon.

Using your meter you can also test after eating (about 2 hours target is < 120), and using this information you can then adjust what you eat.

You may also find it better to eat your heaviest meal earlier in the day.  A walk after meals if you can may also help.

This is all about experimentation to find what works for you and your body.

If your sugars are not too high, then I would give 2 - 3 months of earnest lifestyle measures.  If this still doesn't get you to target ask your Dr to prescribe metformin (first line treatment for type 2, which is often very effective).

Hope this helps.
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