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Diabetes 2 + insulin 20+

This is my first post, so I'm sorry if it's in the wrong forum.
OK so I'm 19 years old,male, I've been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last summer, and I'm using Lantus 24hr along with Novo Rapid insulin for meals because pills are bad for my kidney and liver in the long-term (so says doctor). I've been having a lot of hypoglycemia recently too. But my question here is about Masturbation in relationship with glucose levels. What effect does it have on diabetics and any info. concerning this relationship is highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

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Sexual dysfunction is one of the complications that can happen from having long-term high blood sugar level.  High blood sugar level decreases blood flow and also causes nerve damage (permanent damage).    Therefore it is important to keep blood sugar levels under control.  

However, if you are having low blood sugars, you should talk to the doctor as the person above suggested, or talk to your diabetes educator to get your insulin adjusted.  
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As far as I know there is no relationship between masturbation and glucose levels.

If you are having a lot of hypoglycemia you need to talk to your doctor and reduce your insulin doses and also learn to carb count, figure out an Insulin:carb ratio to match your Novo Rapid doses to what you eat.
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