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Diabetes Concern?


I recently had a scare when my blood work after my physical came back as fasting blood sugar being 110 mg/dL (last year it was 83).  

I immediately went to see an endocrinologist and had an hA1C test, which came back as 5.5 (normal according to my doc).  I also purchased a trueResult glucose reader and test my fasting blood sugar daily: it is an average of 92.  

One hour after eating a Subway sandwich (102 g of carbs), my glucose was 159 mg/dL, but two hours later it came down to 96 mg/dL.  I try to eat healthy and lift weights 4 times a week.  I'm a 28 yr old male at 5 ft 10 and weigh 195 lbs.   Am I classified as pre-diabetic?  Should I be concerned?

Thanks so much for your help,

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Correction, left "out" out...should say "If you eat carbs, eat them before working out and not after. Also "go" before overboard. Sigh...time for my morning coffee.
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tombcx is correct, you are considered prediabetic. Normal fasting glucose ranges are 60/70 to 99 mg/dl and prediabetes are 100 to 125 mg/dl. Your eAG [estimated Average Glucose] derived from your 5.5% A1c is 111 mg/dl, prediabetes.

Something in your diet appears to be elevating your levels as your postprandial "two hours later it came down to 96 mg/dL" is within normal ranges. You also mentioned "my fasting blood sugar daily: it is an average of 92." Only rely on averages if all are within normal ranges because one tends to overlook the days when they are above normal. Test preprandial [before meal] then postprandial [2-3 hours after meal] to see how the foods you ate affect your glucose levels. Eliminate and/or avoid foods that elevate your levels.

Here's what you can do; use Google to understand "Simple" vs "Complex" carbs. If you eat carbs, eat them before working and not after. Just don't overboard thinking you need massive amounts of carbs for energy. Also, avoid foods made with white flour - breads, crackers, rice - and heavy starches like potatoes as these turn into sugar quickly after eating.

Prediabetes only means that, pre. You have an excellent chance of reversing and returning to normal levels by paying strict attention to proper nutrition, continue exercising, and maintain proper body weight. Good luck
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Hi there,
In my opinion, that I hope I am wrong, you are pre-diabetic.
Because a non-diabetic A1c is less than 5% and one hour after eating 102 gram of Carbs is less than 120mg/dl.
The sad fact about being pre-diabetic is like a little pregnant .
All Diabetics 2 at one point were non-Diabetics 2.
If I were you, I would read the book "Solutions for Diabetis"by DR. Richard Beinstein and follow his recommendation on  diets(6,12,12)
Hopefully, you will live the rest of your life without any complication from Diabetes. I wish you the best.
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