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How do I figure out food?

Where do you all figure out what to eat and when? I'm so confused
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Testing your blood sugar before and after eating will let you see the effects of the food on  your blood sugar.

While some people do like to snack, others just stick to 2 or 3 meals a day.

If you are trying to manage using diet, then many find that low carb eating is very helpful.  

You can look for paleo, low carb, or ketogenic recipes.
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Look up I breathe I'm hungry, wonderful page with great keto recipes. Also look up diabetes daily. It's an online forum that's free to join and they have a thread dedicated to low carb recipes :)
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I eat at the same places just different ways... bunless burgers are cool, a lot of restaurants offer them ... or if they dont just dont order the bun extra long leaf lettuce... sushi restaurants (tho I dont eat fish lol) have cabbage rolls and lettuce wraps...
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Cannot stand sushi thanks for the other ideas. I'll try a cabbage roll
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I joined a group called Type 2 Diabetes Straight Talk on Facebook. They are an amazing group of supportive people with the same problem, and they have learned through strict diet low-carb high-fat, not only can they control her diabetes that they can really lower their numbers and get their A-1 C back where it belongs. Check them out. But be prepared for some strict, honest advice. Loads of recipes and eating guidelines.
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