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Neuropathy and blood sugar readings

Does anyone know if the neuropathy pain will get worse during spikes in blood sugar readings then slightly improve when blood sugar is back in range?  I am trying to figure out if that is causing my pain to worsen at times. I have taken my readings and I am thinking that may be the case but wondering if others can confirm it. Thanks.
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Thank you both very much.  I appreciate you taking the time to help me out.
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Elevated blood sugar effects osmolality. This can cause migration of fluid into spaces causing pressure on the nerves. Think of a balloon filled with fluid pressing against a nerve passing through a small space. Passage of fluid into the surface of the balloon is mediated by osmolality.   Interestingly, Metformin can relieve pain from pinched nerves in certain instances in non-diabetics by reducing fluid in spaces pressing against the nerves.
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I am guessing at the reason but I know high BG increases nerve pain.
High BG makes the blood thicker thick blood does not flow as well so nerves get starved for O2.....  I guess
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