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New dx of Diabetes Type II

Now a dx of Diabetic Type II has been made based on a 3-hour Glucose Tolerance Test.  Told that Dr a year ago there was more going on that merely Thyroid and Perimenopause.  Was I ever right!  

Turns out that in an overview of regular blood tests, I don't indicate any problems.  Because of that, he turly believed nothing would be found abnormal.  

Fasting blood glucose is still in the Normal range despite it takes 3 hours on the GTT for my glucose to get back to a normal level.

Fasting Glucose - 100
1 Hour - 204
2 Hour - 181
3 Hour - 125

So now it's Diabetes, Hypothyroid and Fibromyalgia

Any thoughts to be shared are appreciated.  This is all new to me!

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i am also hypothyroid and diabetic.  

Looks like you've been caught early.  This is great news as it means that you have an excellent chance to manage this with diet and exercise (and weight management).

Please do look into lower carb diets.  These seem to work much better for weight management and blood sugar control than the high carb diet recommended by the ADA (american diabetic association).

Have you been given any meds?  Metformin is usually a first line medication and quite helpful for most.  If you do take metformin make sure you also take a B12 supplement.

Do get a home blood sugar monitor and monitor your fasting levels and also 2 hours post eating so you can see which foods / meals don't affect your sugars and which do.

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Are you seeing an Endocrinologist, a specialist in diabetes AND thyroid disorders? I would ask the Endo for an A1c test which provides a more reasonable view of the glucose over the past 3 months. The OGTT is an indicator but does not give a clear picture like the A1c. While there, discuss pancreas insulin production, and review your hypothyroid treatment plan. Hypothyroidism can elevate glucose levels.

Your fasting level indicates the beginning of prediabetes [normal ranges are 60/70 to 99 mg/dl, prediabetes is 100 to 125 mg/dl]. You can reverse and lower your level with proper nutrition, proper body weight, and daily physical exercise. This includes cholesterol control too. Did you know that a healthy diet for someone with hypothyroidism resembles one for t2 diabetics? This would include natural foods, whole grains, fruits, and lots of vegetables and a good supply of seafood. Good luck.
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