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Weight loss and high morning sugar levels

My age is 60years,height 5'2" weight 50kgs.Iam type II diabetec for last 5 years.
Diet: Breakfast: Vegitable salad+cereals or South indian idlis or Upma or Dosas and cup of tea without sugar.
        Lunch     : Rice with vegitable curry and Sambar(Lentil boiled in tamarind juce and vegitables) +plain yoghurt
        Snacks at 4PM: light snacks or seasonal fruit and tea w/o sugar.
        Dinner : similar to Lunch at 7.30PM  sleep at 10pm
Physical Activity: 1/2 hour brisk walking in the morning, moderately active
Medication: After breakfast : one tablet of Metformin 500mg extended release +aspirin 75mg
                  After Dinner : One tablet of Metformin 500mg extended release
Sugar levels: Average fasting sugar level in the morning : 125 mg/dl (varies from 120 to 129)
                   Average sugar level after two hours of breakfast (After taking Metformin): 120mg/dl
                   Average sugar level after two hours of lunch : 150 mg/dl
Problem: 1) There is weight loss of about 6 Kgs in the past 2 years. My weight of 56 Kgs became 50 kgs now.
              How to regain my weight
              2) Morning sugar level is as high as 125 mg/dl average. How to bring it to normal level or less than110mg/dl
Kindly advise.

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I would watch the following foods that raise blood glucose levels:
1. Fruit has fruit sugar [fructose]. Limit the amount and eat fruits with other foods to slow glucose entering into your blood stream. Test after "each" fruit. Avoid those that raise your levels.
2. White rice is carbohydrates which turn into sugar after eating. Cut back on the amount eaten.
3. Most yogurt has sugar as do dairy products. Cut back or avoid consumption.

Don't eat white foods; white bread, white rice, white potatoes or foods made with these products. These turn into sugar after eating.

Eat more if you want to gain weight. The amount you posted a bird would lose weight. In other words, put the spoon down and pick up a shovel.
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Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions on my diet.
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You're welcome. Please understand this forum is for diabetes type 2 patient-to-patient communications. You may find posting on the Medical Communities Nutrition Forum along with the "Ask A Doctor" Nutrition Forum will get more responses on weight gain and diet plans.
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