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ive tried diets etc for yrs i am 20 stone verry unfit but would like toget fitter n thinner without killing maself i also have diabetes type 2
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My name is Krysie,
I have been diabetic type 2 for 2 weeks now. I am very over weight, and also have asthma which makes it hard for me to do much exercises. The diabetic diet works great for me. I have lost 7 lbs! see every 15 carbs = 1 net carb. for breakfast you can have 2 to 3 net carbs, lunch 3 to 4 net carbs, and for dinner 4 to 5 net carbs. Of course i ususally only have 3 to 4 for lunch and 3 to 4 for dinner. They have put me on a 1800 calorie diet, but i ususally only eat around 1200, but only because im just not that hungry. Also you are supposed to eat about every 4 hours. so for snack you can have 1 to 2 net carbs. a good snack is carrots and lt. ranch or pretzel sticks w' 1 tblspoon of peanut butter. :D also, if you want to get fit and thin w/o "killing yourself" try walking and doing yoga at least 3 times a week. It really helps. I would add the exercise tracker, diabetic tracker, and food tracker. They really do help. I wish you the best of luck
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Diets don't work!  You need to develop a healthy way of eating that you can continue for the rest of your life.  You want to eat several times a day verses 3 meals a day.  Not only does this keep your blood sugar from spiking and dropping, it keeps your metabolism up which will make you lose weight.  Avoid bad carbs, and greasy, fatty foods.  Try to get in a salad everyday, protein, fruits, eggs, nuts, etc.  You will be a healthier, thinner person when you eat this way.  Keep portions at a minimum, and even if you just walk, you will be doing one of the best exercises there is!  I wish you all the best, and good luck!  I lost 55 pounds this way and you can too!
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