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I've been on Fish, Flax & Borage Oil for years. 3000 mg,morning & three thousand at night.  My daughers put me on them.  A eye doctor and my kidney doctor.  I haven't taken them in about 7 days due to a small procedure I'm having.  A nurse once told me that when I'm going to have a minor procedue or maor, stop taking 7 days before because it makes your blood thin.  My eye doctor put me on it for hardening and my kidney doctor said it helps your memory plus it has moega 3, 6, 9.  Can you help me
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Hi what is the question?  It is true that you need to stop it for at least a week before any major surgery.
Thank you
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The nurse is correct as all three may induce the increased risk of bleeding. Also, discuss your diabetes medication with your doctor/surgeon beforehand. If one is having a CT Scan with Contrast [dye] the diabetes medication Metformin [glucophage] must be stopped 48 hrs prior then a Serum Creatinine test performed 48 hrs later before one restarts. Good luck -
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Not sure what your question is...but yes stop taking prior to surgery and resume a couple days after procedure. Good Luck.
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