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lost weight

i was newly diagnosed 4 months ago- i'm taking glimeperide 1 mg and pravastatin 40 mg each once a day. my numbers are between low 80's and 120's. my big concern is my weight i was 161lbs 5ft 6 but i lost 40 lbs over the last year--last i got on the scale i was 117.5lbs the dr was new so he doesn't notice the weight loss although i get on the scale every visit ( only 3 ) my a1c was 5.8 and he said we'll do labs in a year? losing weight is a side effect i was told i,m eating peant butter and jelly on white bread EVERY DAY. i'm depressed and in denial about this! what am i supposed to do about a GOOD NIGHT SLEEP--i sleep 2 hrs here and there on and off ALL DAY because i'm so scared of my sugar dropping low while i sleep then i eat 1/2 p b j sandwich so i can sleep again. i don't type fast so i can't go on networking but i would love to have a "buddy" i,m a woman in my late 60's in phila.pa  please don't tell me all the bad things it can be--i know that but i'm scared enough as it is!  THANKS

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Let me second WaveRiders's response. Watch those carbs.Try multi-grain bagels with beef, turkey or chicken. YUM!
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In my eyes your weight loss is on the severe side. And don't expect new doctors to know your medical history even though one does expect them too. Whenever you see your doctor make a list of three questions you want to ask, ask them, and don't leave the office until you are satisfied with his/her response.

Questions for you:
1. Are you experiencing any Glimepiride and/or Pravistatin side effects? If you don't know Google it.
2. Did you inform your doctor and Pharmacist of all medications Rx'd and OTC, vitamins, and supplements you are taking, including aspirin?
3. Did you inform your new doctor of your weight loss concerns?
4. Did you discuss with your new doctor about lowering and/or taking you off your medication?
5. I understand your concern about hyperglycemia but what makes you think your glucose is dropping while sleeping? Your A1c averages out to 119.76 mg/dl, prediabetes so medication may not be advisable. See #4
6. Have you asked your doctor for a referral to a nutritionist along with a dietitian to come up with a proper nutritional plan based upon your medical history?
7. Have you tried anti-depression medication?
8. Have you even discussed your anxiety issues with your current doctor?

If you feel your new doctor does not want to listen to you, you feel like you're being hurried out of the office, only wants to prescribe medication then by all means fire him/her and find one that will not only listen to you, but also care for your well being.

Lastly, pb&j on white bread is bad for you. P-butter with sugar free jam/jelly is good. However, foods made with white flour - white bread, crackers, white rice, etc - raises your glucose [blood sugar] levels. This includes starches like potatoes. Think about switching to breads made with whole grains, like wheat breads using whole wheat flour, not those using enriched flour. Enriched means they remove all the beneficial nutrients and replace them with junk to make the product taste good. This is where diabetes trained nutritionists and dietitians are beneficial.
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