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what does this mean and how

ok when i went to bed last night my sugar was only 116 that was at 9 this morning its 139 how can that be ,i did not eat in my sleep. all day yesterday it was pretty good never got over 120. so confused
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What you are experiencing is called Dawn Phenomenon or the Somogyi effect [the doctor who first wrote about DP]. During your nighttime sleep your body is doing two things; one, the body makes certain hormones called counterregulatory hormones, which work against the action of insulin. Second, the liver releases glucose that it has stored in anticipation of the energy you need when you awake. Don't get freaked out, DP is a normal human body process.

So, what can one do to control DP? Cut out late night before bedtime snacking. Are you on insulin? If you take insulin injections, it could be that the effect of insulin you took is waning. Your blood glucose will rise if you didn’t take enough to keep your insulin level up through the night. Some people claim that vinegar tablets taken before bedtime works to prevent DP. This much is known, Dawn Phenomenon varies from person to person and can even vary from time to time in each of us. I suggest you talk with your doctor to hear what professional has to say.
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wow thanks for all the info , ya are a great group of people and it helps so much to read what each has to say. am new at this . dont take meds yet trying to aviod them , if i can, my moms one and my sister so not sure its in my genes. thanks again ya are great.
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the dawn phenomenon is quite common in people with diabetes.

This happens because your liver dumps glucose during the early morning to counter the fasting.  IN people without diabetes insulin then steps up and keeps sugar levels normal.  In people with diabetes, this may not happen efficiently and hence the high morning sugars.

Actually, a small snack (high protein and fat) before you sleep may help.  Another option is doing some exercise in the evenings (may help some).

All the lifestyle things like eating low carb, exercising, normal weight may help.

For me I find the dawn phenomenon is worse if I eat too many carbs and/or too many calories the preceeding day.  Low carb diet is my personal best remedy.

Monitor when it happens and what you ate the day before.

It could also reflect that your a slightly sick.... with a cold or something, when it can become worse.

Truely normal fasting blood sugar would be in range of 70 - 80.  The 95 or 126 nos they use are already well above what is truely normal.
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hum , right now i take nothing they say am prediabtic so am just checking my sugar levels.   and i do not eat after 6 and i have not ate sugar :(
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My sugar isn't always high first thing in the morning. How can above normal be normal?
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Our sugar is always high first thing ibn the morning. It's normal.
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