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whats normal and not

how high should your sugar be if your not a diabetes, like two hours after i eat its around 169 i had a cheese burger .baked fries and mac/cheese. is that to high. how high should your sugar go can it be in the 200 and still be ok after you eat?
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your fasting levels are diabetic (i think the cut off is about 126), and your post eating are too high. They should always be less than 140 and ideally even lower than 120.

So I think you need to work harder at controlling blood sugars (diet - lower carb is best), exercise and weight loss. If you can't manage with these you need to ask your doctor about meds to help.
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To add to Super_sally888 about low carbs, you posted
"two hours after i eat its around 169 i had a cheese burger .baked fries and mac/cheese."

What jacked your glucose up to 169 mg/dl was white flour [burger bun], and fries [potatoes] and the pasta [high starch]. Avoid white foods, foods made with white flour, including potatoes and pasta. These are considered simple carbs, the sugars & starches in them are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Complex carbs are slowly absorbed. Google search simple vs complex carbs and then read up on the GI [Glycemic Index] for diabetic nutrition suggestions.

Getting into the 200 mg/dl range is not healthy. Long term damage can occur if you remain in this area over time. Range levels have been discussed numerous time on this forum. Take the time to read other threads for helpful suggestions.

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to answer your question about the a1c. the a1c tells you where your sugars have been for the past 3 months. so if your sugar has been high, or alittle high, then the readings wont come back low. my a1c was 7.7  which is pretty high. you want your a1c to be between 5 and 6. diabeties runs in my family. I found out about it when i went to the hospital for my asthma, and they tested my sugar and it was in the 500. which, is very scarily high. anyway... so hope that helps.

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thank you , i have been told am prediabetic   so they gave me a machine to keep up with sugar readings   in the mornings after 8 hours its any where between 110-139   after meals its anywhere between 139-169  so not sure if i am or not. if i dont eat a lot my sugar gets to 79 i dont eat bt two meals a day so it runs low when i dont eat.  so sgould i have a AC1  would that tell me if i am or not. and if it says its low than with the high readings that means nothing?  my mom and sister are diabetics it runs throught family, am watching what i eat most the time and execrising more ive lost 5 pds but really need to lose 10 more . thank you for your info
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If you are truly not a diabetic, meaning you have never been diagnosed as one or been tested and you know for sure, then your blood readings two hours after a meal should be close to normal. less than 120. But a non-diabetic can have slightly high readings if they've had too much food, or food that is high in sugars, carbs, etc. or a person who does not get any exercise.

You also could be borderline diabetic and don't know. If you haven't, I would go in and have a fasting glucose and an A1C blood test. Easy to take and can tell you in a flash where you are at. Plus you can rule out any other issues if any.
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