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Stopping insulin intake, suddenly or overtime type 2

hello experts

M father is 57year old and is diabetic for around 12years
he was taking metformin hcl 500mg till december last year when he was sick and doctor told to get it tested again
morning fasting was around 170mg/dl and 2h postmeal 260
doctor prescribed mixtard 30 penfill 28unit morning 20 unit night before meal
metformin 850mg after breakfast and dinner not at lunch

last fasting reading around month ago was 100mg-dl

now he wanna stop the insulin and check if he require insulin or its ok without insulin....can he leave suddenly or dropping it by units

2ndly..he now get ill early with cough and fever. what to do about it

and he has pain in legs and feet sometimes.. should he take methycobal tablets as he been diabetic for 12 years or so and it cause neuropathy, if he should then how much dose
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Your father should not make any changes to his medicines without speaking to his doctor. If there are changes he wants to make, his doctor will be able to help him to understand what effect the changes will have taking into consideration all of his urgent medications and his medical history.

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Diabetes does not cause neuropathy UNCONTROLLED diabetes causes Neuropathy.  BG of 170 to 260 is uncontrolled and will cause neuropathy.

Insulin lowers BG if his BG is too low (below70) then you reduce insulin.

I hope he tests more often than once a month (last test you said?).

He needs to test before he drives.  

What are his post meal numbers ?  1 hour?  2 hours?
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