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Suggestion for recording tests results

I have Diabetes 2 and starting to record my daily test results. I have searched for sources to record the results and have found PDF sheets to record manually and some software products also. I prefer using a software designed for recording glucose test results but don't want one that also requires recording all that I eat. I keep a very simple record of what I eat and don't need to spend extra time recording all the details. The one I have selected to use at least for the moment is Glucose Buddy which I have on my cell phone. I am interested in knowing what others are using.

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Hi and thank you for using the forum.

There are many products on the market to help you manage your diabetes. As to what recording platform to use, that is a matter of finding what platform works best with your lifestyle. It is important to continue to keep track of your glucose levels and your diet. When you record you diet along side your blood sugar, you will be able to begin to see trends of when your blood sugar is controlled and when it is elevated. This will help you manage your diet to keep your sugars from spiking. It is time consuming, but so important to help you manage your diabetes.

Please continue to monitor your blood sugar. Careful monitoring and control will help minimize the complications of diabetes. If you are having trouble getting enough blood with your finger sticks, speak with your doctor. Maybe you need a different testing platform. Different machines require less blood or allow you to stick places other than your finger tips.

Often when people are first diagnosed with diabetes they experience frustration with the lifestyle changes. You have to change your diet, check your sugars, and monitor so many seeming ordinary activities. Speak with your doctor about how you are feeling. There are groups and services available to help you and your family adapt to these changes. Your doctor should be able to refer you to some in your area.

Good luck!
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Don't reply to my question-there is no need to because I will no longer prick my fingers 5 or 6 or 7 times before I can get enough blood to put on the tester slip. This is par for my life. Everything I have done crumbles this is just another effort I have tried and it has failed. Failure is my name and unfortunately my family and especially my wife have suffered all their lives because of my failures.
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