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Fatty liver

Liver ultrasound results showed the following  The gallbladder is physiologically distended without shadowing calculi wall thickening or periocholecystic fluid No intra or extrahepatic biliary dilatation is evident The common duct measures 2-3mm This is a slight increased echogenicity of the hepatic parenchyma suggesting the possibility of fatty infriltation. There is a hyoechoic area at the periphery of the left lobe measuring roughly 2 cm in size which may be a site of fatty sparing  The pancreas is not visualized There is no free fluid within Morrisons pouch

Impression: Findings suggesting the possibilty of Fatty liver with focal fatty sparing in the left hepatic lobe

What does all this mean can anyone tell me what is a fatty liver havent been back to DR yet for follow up and a bit anxious !! Should I be ???
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Hello - thanks for asking your question.

Fatty liver occurs when lipid accumulation exceeds the normal 5% of liver weight. Diffuse fatty change of the liver, often zonal in distribution, is associated with many clinical situations. Alcoholism, obesity, and diabetes are the most common causes of macrovesicular fatty liver in developed countries. Other causes include malnutrition (especially the protein-deficient diet of children with kwashiorkor), inborn metabolic disorders (of glycogen, galactose, tyrosine, or homocysteine), drugs (eg, corticosteroids), or systemic illnesses with fever. Microvesicular fatty liver occurs in acute fatty liver of pregnancy, Reye's syndrome, certain drug toxicities (valproic acid, tetracycline, salicylate), or inborn metabolic defects.

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis) is an increasingly recognized accumulation of fat in the liver of females who tend to be obese or diabetic. It also occurs after jejunal bypass surgery, with malnutrition, and in association with certain drugs (eg, glucocorticoids, synthetic estrogens, amiodarone, tamoxifen). For diagnosis, negligible alcohol intake must be evident.

Potentially reversible, macrovesicular fatty liver usually is not in itself harmful. It is reversible even in potentially fatal instances (eg, in fatty liver of pregnancy, early delivery may be lifesaving). Alcoholic fatty liver may be accompanied by inflammation and necrosis (alcoholic hepatitis) and permanent damage in the form of cirrhosis. No specific therapy is available except to eliminate the cause or treat the underlying disorder.

You may want to read more about NASH here:

I stress that this answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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Doctor Kevin, I was diagnosed after an ultrasound with fatty liver.  I drink heavily and have severe pain around the right rib cage ( wraparound pain ).  My goal is to make this Saturday the last night of drinking and am going to A.A. beginning Sunday.  Question:  How long does it take for the pain to go away after the last day of drinking?  Your help would be VERY much appreciated.  Thanks!
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I cannot make any specific comments to your individual case. The time it takes to heal varies depending on how much damage has already been done.  

You can read more about this here:

This is a question you have to address with your personal physician who has examined you and interpreted the ultrasound results.  

Kevin, M.D.
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Thank you for answering !! I have been ill since a bit after thanksgiving Have not been to work since I am on Vicodin for abdominal pain many symptoms no results yet am headed toCleveland Clinic in March I have also lost near 24 pounds since the beginning of this siege !!! At least I know now the fatty liver maybe an evidence of what they havent found yet, not the cause of the pain and weight loss !! Again many thanks
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Thanks for the web site, I appreciate it!
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On 12/24/02 I came home from dinner and began to throw up with severe upper rigt abdominal pain and diarreah.  I thought it was the flu.  This happened 2 more times during January and I saw my physician.  Meanwhile I had been having constant diarrea. (color-yellow). Sonogram showed bile duct 5cm then enlarged to 7.2, thus I had a barium CAT scan.  Scan shoed nothing.  Took a scrip of Flagy until yesterday.  Took in a stool sample yeasterday and am awaiting results.  Diarreah still present and yellow...I can't function without living on immodium.  I have lost 10 pounds so far. Any suggestions?  I feel like I am in limbo and there will be no resolution.

Thank you.
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Ultrasound of the liver 2/25/03
The gallbladder is absent do to surgery.  The liver measured up to 11.3x 13cm.  In the left lobe centrally, there is an ill-defined region of relatively increased echogenicity.  This was estimated in a area measured as up to 3.81cm.  This did not seem as focal and discrete as often seen with echogenic lesion such as hemangioma.  It may represent a process such as focal fatty infiltration of the liver.  ST scan might be considered to help confirm or exculde the presence of a lesion and potential further characterization.
The common bile duct is estimated as 0.5cm
The liver is normal size.  There is a region of relatively greater echongenicity in the left lobe.  A likely consideration is regional fatty infiltration.  Consider CT.

Recent labs.
AST/SGOT  Normal 0-31  Mine were 66
ALT/SGPT  Normal 0-31  Mine were 115
ALK PHOS  Normal 35-104  Mine were 151

Could you please explain in terms that I can understand.  I have had hepatitis profile done and they came back ok.   My father died in Aug.99 primary sight liver cancer.  My father and I have never been drinkers, nor was he or I over weight.   Father was one of 12 children all but four so far have died of some sort of cancer.   (As early as 32 years of age.  Non-hodkins, breast, lung, stomach,and leukiemia)  I know this is not a good history.  
I must say for the first time I am slightly worried.  
Could you give me a sight on What a good healthy diet would be for someone with a liver disease.
Thank you.
I lok forward to your reply.
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New to this forum... I have fatty infiltration... no alchol consumption at all and not obese. But I do have a habit of drinking a lot of Orange Juice daily let's say about 24 oz a day minimum (been doing it for years).  Does anyone know about any studies of drinking high levels of fruit juice  and liver results?
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Right Now I am sitting here losing sleep , only eating non fat yogurt and Dreading an ultrasound on Friday. I am female, 51
With Systemic Lupus, I started methotrexate about 7 months ago.
Lately, my liver enzymes are off the charts.....
They stopped the lupus meds, took me off Lipitor,  My ALT was 97
My Alp 187 and my ast 74. I am soooooooooooooooo scared.
They told me I will NOT now the ultrasound results for a week.
How can I go on with no sleep and constant worry.I am not in pain, my liver is not enlarged. I am just sooooooooo scared.
What if the lupus has attacked my liver??????
Someone help me through this...I feel so out of control.
I have never drank or smoked....I have had lupus since 1981 and no internal organs were involved.
I had plans to go to Hawaii on 7-21 with my hubby to renew our vows and wonder if I should cancel the trip.
I am sorry to vent. I am just SCARED.
God Bless you all
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Written results from my latest CT Scan of July 27, 2007 states -- "Diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver, with a larger area of regional fatty sparing along the poster aspect of the left liver lobe, which is stable. A new, less well-defined area of hyperdensity in the right lobe was not clearly present before [ 6 months ago ], though appears hyperdense on both pre- and post-contrast images, and is favored to represent area of ill defined fatty sparing as well. Because this is new, consider follow up CT or MRI to ensure stability."  A CT Scan is being done every six month to track cystic lesions in both my kidneys.  I have had jejunal bypass surgery.  Can you please tell me what the "new" liver activity means in terms I can understand?  Thanks so much for your help!  AndreaR.
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