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I've been diagnosed with the gallbladder diskinezia, my gallbladder is contracting only 18%.  My doctor whant to remove it.  Is there any other treatment available?
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Dear Peter,
Gall bladder dyskinesia (impaired contraction and emptying of the gall bladder) has been suggested as a cause for right upper quadrant pain in the absence of gall stones.  Because of the vague nature of the pain it is often difficult to be certain whether the gall bladder is indeed the source of the pain.  If your doctor is convinced tht your pain is the result of the biliary dyskinesia, then surgery is your only option.  Unfortunately, there are no medical treatments available at this time.
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What were your symptoms.  I have all the sypmtoms for Gallstones, ulcers, and/or acid reflex disorder, but I have had all sorts of tests done and they can't figure out why I have all these sypmtoms and pain.  Please tell me what it is and what the sypmtoms are.  I'm a 22 year old female and You can contact me at my email address   ***@****


Jennifer Howard-Smith
London, ON. Canada
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I don't think so what are your symptoms... I heard it is pain full and i'm most likely facing the same thing, but the prospects after recovery are most favorable... I would go for it....
You can write me at ***@****
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May I suggest that you think long and hard before making any "snap decisions" about gallbladder removal. If you read some of the many postings in this forum, most who have done this are now going through hell suffering from a variety of problems.

The gallbladder acts as a bile reservoir which it then concentrates and secretes to the liver to help the body digest fats. Your diet will have to be monitored very closely and you can be assured you will have to likely cut out many foods you now "enjoy(?)"! You will probably experience varying degrees of pain and discomfort with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, severe abdominal pain, etc. I would suggest that you are the one who has to live with your body, long after what is often the "doctor's decision" to cut!!!

I have some excellent information on herbal recommendations which have the potential to greatly aid this problem, and would be happy to send a package to anyone wishing to e-mail me at -> ***@****

Let me know if I can help.


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what is this

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I posted the response below.  on 10/22 to another applicable question.  I have now had my gallbladder removed on 11/10/99.  I had the laproscopic prodedure.  I have to say that other than the post surgery pain, I have had NONE of the pain I did have prior to the surgery.  Like I said the HIDA Scan w/ the CCK was the deciding test.  My gallbladder was emptying at 12%.  That is much lower than the 35% doc's condsider normal.  So to Peter, yours is at 18%. I would consider removal.  Turned out my bile duct was so thin the doc couldnt see it on an Xray.  Also, the gallbladder was loaded w/ adhesions.

As far as not having it out due to diet restrictions, that really shouldnt be the final decision factor.  Think about that.  With the gallbladder acting up anyway, if you leave it in you are always going to have to be careful about what you eat or you risk an attack.  Once it is removed - no more attacks.
If you havnt already had the CCK Hida scan ask your doc to do it.  But for me, for right now,  4 days post surgery, I am glad I did it.

I too was having the same pain. Still am actually. Finally I went in for a CCK Hida Scan. This test is
       specifically for the gallbladdder - done in Feb.99. Came back fairly normal. Then 2 wks ago I had
       another one done due to the pains coming back badly. The repeated Hida Scan showed that now my
       gallbladder's ejection factor(which is what they measure) went from 30% to 12%! It should be at 35%.
       Which is why the doc questioned whether or not it was gallbladder after the first scan. Well, it is and it
       is coming out!!

       So, what I am trying to say is keep on the doc about the pain. I DO NOT have gallstones. So, dont let
       them tell you because all these tests show NO stones that it is not your gallbladder. I am living proof it

       The pain I have goes from rt upper back, rt shoulder, rt upper quandrant (under ribs), lft shoulder and
       back and mid line stomach. So, just keep after the doc!

       Just by the by, I have read that once the gallbladder is removed and they do a pathology on it, gallstones
       are usually found. It is just they were too small to be detected by any of the tests.

       Good Luck!
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