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I have rectal bleeding, constipation,

On Fri Aug 3rd I noticed blood in my stool and in the water. I have ever since I noticed blood in my stool been constipated. I went to the hospital last night Aug 7-8 and they did a rectal exam by sticking fingers up my rectum and said that they didn't see any signs of hemmoriods. Well by the time I left the hospital they told me that they ( THINK) that I have internal hemmoriods. SO i left the hospital bought high fiber foods, hemmoroid suppository, glycerin suppository, and a pill laxative. I tried to use the glycerin laxative and nothing came out so i took the pill and i still havent gone to the bathroom and there is still bleeding. On the back of the pill box it sayys that if you continue to have rectal bleeding and no movement its probably something serious! So if you could tell me as soon as possible! Thanks Chris
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Hey Chris.  You didn't mention your age or anything, but stop thinking the worst if thats what you're doing!  Red blood in the stool and red blood that shows in the toilet water tells you that the bleeding is coming from very low in the colon, the rectum or the last couple inches of the large intestine.  You said that you have been constipated.  that could very well be your reason for bleeding right there.  When you're constipated, you can tear your rectum or give yourself hemmorhoids, internal or external.  If you are 25 or younger, you have less then a 1 in 500,000 chance of it being something serious like colon cancer.  If you are under 40, the chances are still slim.  My dads bleed TONS of times just from being constipated.  He got all worried and went to the docs.  He made them do a scope on him and all sorts of tests and he was fine.  If you want reassurance, go to your doctor.  They could do a sigmoidoscopy.  That would look at your rectum and the last part of your colon.  Thats where the red blood would be coming from.  I had the test done.  ITS NOT pleasant, but i guess its worth the reassurance.  No worries!!  Constipation can cause this. :-)
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I agree totally!  After years of alternating diahrrea and constipation, I too experienced blood on my "movement" and in the stool water.  Typically bright red blood is nothing to worry about, but if it would make you feel better, I too recommend that you see your doctor for a sigmoid.  The discomfort you experience is well worth the peace of mind you end up with! My guess is that you either have internal hemmoriods from straining or possibly even an external or internal fissure (tear)in your rectum.

Good luck, and stop worrying, the odds are with you!
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I have been through the same thing.  I was bleeding every time I went to the bathroom and got very scared.  I went to my doc and he stuck this tube up my colon (uncomfortable but not painful) which opened me up.  He said he could see the internal hemorrhoids which were caused from straining when I had a BM.  Since I went I have been relieved of so much anxiety and I know that this is VERY common.  Just go see your doc and you'll be fine.
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