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Is this Pancreatitis?????

Hi.  I've been having abdominal pain off and on for the past year and a half.  Doctors have told me that I have IBS but I just don't believe that is what is going on with me.  Over the last year I have had about six "attacks" where I wake up at night with very severe stomach pain that radiates to the back, severe nausea and vomiting along with diarrhea.  The pain and nausea are so intense that I can hardly move.  It lasts for a few hours and then slowly diminishes on its own.  I otherwise most every day have a nagging pain on my left side and into my back that at times will flare-up after I eat but no certain food seems to be triggering it along with slight nausea.  It can be anything I eat.

I have many tests done and have ruled out problems with my gallbladder also.  I recently had a comprehensive digestive stool analysis done that revealed my total fecal fat to be elevated along with my fecal triglycerides also indicating no lactobacillus growth.  (I also have candida).  My pH balance is normal.  I have been researching and pancreatitis seems to fit many of my factors but the docs don't take me seriously.  I am not a drinker, only 30 years old and very physically fit.  Also I just can't keep weight on.  Can anyone help me please???
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It certainly sounds to me like that is whats happening.  I find that my pain is SO severe, I can barely stay away from the hospital.  At least there I can get some relief.  If you have another one of these attacks, please go straight to the ER.  Have them take your blood BEFORE giving you any pain meds.  They should be checking for amylase and lipase levels. Unless your already Chronic, these levels should be elevated if your having an attack.  If you get pain meds BEFORE they draw blood, this can lower these levels and give a false reading. You can have that test done anytime from the lab too.  If you are having pain and it is possibly from a pancreatic attack, those levels could still be elevated.

I have severe chronic pancreatitis.  I made it to the ER many times before being diagnosed at a Univercity.  The ER kept calling my doctor telling him I was either passing stones or that I was in the middle of a pancreatic attack.  My doctor wouldn't believe that because I didn't fit the profile.  I am not underweight, I do not drink, I no longer had my gallbladder.  I am now in the Chronic phase of this awful disease.

Don't mess around with this.  If you believe this is what is wrong with you, ask to be referred out to a GI specialist.  If that one doesn't help you, go to another.  I knew that pancreatitis was my problem and no one would believe me.  Wish someone had earlier.

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I concur with Tazlady.  I have moderate to severe chronic pancreatitis, and your symptoms are very similar to those I suffered with.  

It doesn't matter that you don't drink, this condition affects many people who don't.  I also have trouble gaining weight, at the onset of the disease I lost 25 pounds and though I have gained some back, I lose it again easily whenever I have flareups.  The weight problem is a sign of malabsorption, another problem with CP.

Find a good gastroenterology specialist, and if you do have another bad episode as you have described, go to the ER and get the bloodwork done.

Whatever you do, do not neglect your health.  Good luck.

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Bikermom, my symptoms are not like yours, but I am curious to know about the candida.  I am struggling to figure out if I have GERD or candida.  If I understand, the symptoms can be similar.  Did you get this after taking an extended run of antibotics?  I am 33, very active, and have been taking medicine for GERD for about 3 months now.  Thanks for your help.  I wish I had advice for you.
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Thank you everyone for your advice.  I have been leaning towards pancreatitis and am afraid that I do have it.  It sure does seem to hit the bill unfortunately.  I haven't had any attacks for a couple of months now and hope it continues that way but even the every day pain is bothersome and at times gets very bad after I eat.  I will definitely follow-up on all of this!!!  

Unfortunately yes I do have candida also.  I believe I got mine from continuous antibiotic use and a high carb diet as I am an avid road cyclist and thrived on the carbs.  I lived on antibiotics and constant sinus infections, yeast infections, mood swings, etc. just felt crappy all the time.  I have been on an antifungal program now for a little over a year and have improved dramatically.  It is a hard program but it is so much worth it.  I actually sought the program out as I thought my pain was all candida related but I guess may be the pancreas after all.  If you believe you have candida please go to
www.wholeapproach.com and check out their website.  They have best one for it and their products and support are absolutely wonderful and I swear by it.  If you have any other questions please email me!!
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This is probably way off in left field for you butm my daughter has recurrent pancreatis at age 21.  This is her main symptom for cystic fibrosis.  She is in the 2% of CF people that has this as her main problem, not respiratory.  Most doctor do not realize this.  But our CF doctor has told us that there are people walking around that have CF but do not know it because it is not the classic CF that one thinks about. Also with CF one has malabsorption and it is hard to gain weight.This is probably not your problem but something to keep in the back of your head. Good luck.
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Does anyone know how you develop pancreatitis? is it a bacteria, or virus or?
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hello everyone mi name is gerardo & mi 3 year old son has recurrent pancreatitis do any of u' know a plcewere they can help?????
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