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If a patient doe not use alcohol,caffeine, chocolate , spicey foods, medications and eats a bland diet consisting of
apples, cream of rice, soy milk , water , chips, potatoes, bananas and still suffers after 7 months daily.
No help as mentioned at other posts here in regards to diet, meds and tests.
Could a blood test be incorrect and it be a infection ? Or how long must this continue ?
Appreciate your insight ?
Concerned ?
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Is being too thin and symptoms still present , Plus I must eat a small bland something every 2 hours. Cut back on water as directed. Any good remedies that are less invasive.
Considering Aloe vera juice ?
No success with DGL after 2 weeks But maybe it is something all together different , which would explain why still here, How could none of the meds help if in fact it is GERD. Oh the stomach , throat saga.
Appreciate your in put
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Well I've been having a burning in my chest since Sat. (6/8) and I'm taking Prevacid 30mg twice a day.  Doesn't matter WHAT I eat or IF  eat.  It is driving me crazy.  I had my gallbladder removed last month (5/4) and was doing GREAT.  Don't know if I ate something or what. Surgeon told me to wait a week and see if I still have symptoms.  Thanks a lot Doc.  Will be calling him Mon. morn. I'm sure.  I don't think this is GERD because it hurts ALL THE TIME.  Whether I eat or don't eat.  Plus, I don't have anything coming back up in my throat.  I'll let you know what happens next week.
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I have news for you. Don't underestimate the power of GERD. There's silent GERD. GERD doesn't always mean, "Acid in the mouth." All that means is that it hasn't reached that point yet. You have all the classic symptoms of GERD. Why else would ones chest burn. It's acid! Trust me, I too didn't believe it, but it turned out to be true. If you don't take the proper precautions and aviod the diagnosis, than you could end up with Barretts Esophagus. Treat it now, don't let it progress. Be thankful you don't taste the acid in your mouth and that your symptoms are mild to say the least. I think it would be best if you searched GERD and fully armed yourself with information. Ignorance in this instance is NOT bliss, if you know what I mean.

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I have a constant burning and prickly feeling in my chest as well. The endoscopy I just had, however, did not indicate GERD (according to my Gastro Dr.). I still feel that the burning in my chest is due to stomach acid somehow. Is it possible for gastric acid to affect the chest yet not be detectable through an endoscopy?
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I too have symptoms : Like a ulcer : Why we thought h.pylori with onset , But 2 blood tests said No. How accurate are those tests ?
The breath test is available now. GERD : I had it so painful like eating gasoline. Now I can't say completely if only meals effect it. My endoscopy was ok 4 months ago and the Ph test were you have a tube down your nose and throat for 24 hours and it monitors acid. They said it was minimal and I should take a tums before each meal or Mylicon Since the PPi's and H2 brought no relief and side effects. Shut off the valve for acid and it will start up hard when you complete the meds 6 week course, Have read here numerous times and appreciate the natural ways here as well. Learning and Caring.
I gave blood today for more tests and One is Celiac . I have changed cream of wheat to cream of rice for 4 days to no prevail as of yet. Have you found any relief or a reason for your diagnosis, Did diet changes and or lifestyle help you any.
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I am going in for a Abdominal CT Scan because I am also experiencing constant bloating and nausea that seems to be originating at the top of my stomach. In 3 weeks I am scheduled for an appointment for yet another gastro specialist who may have me do the 24 hr PH monitor thing. The only thing that seems to help (and I mean only temporarily) is Pepto Bismol. Imagine that, Pepto Bismol helps me breathe a little easier.
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Banana's and apples make my gerd worse.
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Hi. I too totally changed my diet and gave up everything I love (coffee, spicy foods, etc...) I was on prilosec and still had no real relief. My pain only occured less often. I have found complete relief using DGL. It is a godsend! I no longer take prilosec and as soon as I feel any pain, DGL makes it go away. I wonder if something else is going on with you. I never had "classic" heartburn symptoms, only excruciating pain in my chest which lasted from 2 to 9 hours each time with no relief no matter what I took. A simple drink of water could bring it on. Aloe vera juice is supposed to be healing too although I found it hard to remember to drink it every day. I hope that you find relief from your pain. Have you tried acidipholus (not sure of spelling)? It keeps "good" bacteria in your system. I also take that every day. Keep trying, there must be something that will help you get better. Take care.
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Thanks for the kind words.
I did try DGL for 2 weeks and had to stop due to a dental concern,
Any difference in the Aloe Vera Whole gel which you add water and drink and the Aloe Vera Juice
Can one use DGL and Aloe on a as is basis or like the PPI's must take a week to see effect and must take every day.
I am going to try something again , While awaiting for test results.
Cabbage juice is supposed to help as well. Here is to trying with success...........
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i had the same problem after i had my galbadder removed .i had a ercp done which revealed scar tissue in my common bile duct. the doctor removed the scar tissue and only had post ercp pain for a couple days and no more severe pain. the pain i had was so severe i was give morphin @my local hospital and i suggest avoiding anything tylenolw/codeine ,thats what triggered the pain according to my gi.
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Hi. I think that the gel mixed with water tastes better than the aloe vera juice although I don't know which is better for you. My experience with the DGL was that the first 2 weeks or so, I still had pain even after chewing the DGL but it was less severe. I was taking it every day but now I usually only take two tablets before dinner and I am feeling good. I think that aloe vera needs some time before you notice a difference because it is for healing and that must take awhile. The same probably holds true for the DGL as well. I am sorry that you had to give up on the DGL. Maybe some of the other things will help. I hope so. Take care.
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Do you use DGL or Aloe Vera Gel with water as needed. The dierections said 6 wekks then stop But Pepcid says the same......Yuk tried Cabbage, carrot,celery juice and had heartburn..Can;'t win.........Is heartburn forever.........Oh how I hope to eat again and no pain, I tests said not GERD But other posts said it is in early stages. Oh how do we heal....Thanks as always
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