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Upper Stomach Pain possible causes

Can anyone recognize the noted symptoms and link these to a possible set of conditions based on their similar experiences?
BACKGROUND: Over 3+ years I have had a prolonged and agonizing set of painful symptoms which doctors have varying viewpoints on what they think I may have yet can't conclude over. To date I have had the following performed: - endoscopy (including biopsy for HP bacteria), colonoscopy, ultrasound, blood tests. All above tests concluded with positive results IE: no determinate factors found. MEDICATIONS prescribed with no positive results over 3 years: Dicitel, Losec, Zantec, Prevacid, Amitriptyline and Naproxen (for pain), + 3 others drug names I can not recall.
SYMPTOM HISTORY: Started in the upper Left side just behind the rib cage with minor dull pain. Would have cramping spasms that would cause heart to skip beats. When pressure was applied to the same area in the back below the rib cage I would feel some discomfort and pain where it seemed to trigger the spasms.
Migration to the upper right side just under rib cage. Would experience periodic (cramping style) sharp shallow pains in the right chest area between the nipple and breast plate.
Has now extended to the middle, at the bottom of the sternum. Have experienced a left to middle burning pain movement resulting in balling up at the middle of the stomach and is an intense sharp burning pain that is incapcitating. Taking deep breath causes pain. Entire stomach feels bloated. Lots of gurgling and grumbling noises all the time. Tender to touch.
Relief: Eating up to 30 minutes then starts again.
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Your symtoms sound the same as mine. Have your had a hida scan with ejection fraction done yet? This test is to see how well the gallbladder is functioning. I had this type of pain for many years before a Dr would even test me for gallbladder problems. Over the years (18) and only started asking questions the last 7. I was told it was gas. I always thought something had to be causing the gas. Turned out my gallbladder was only functioning at 15%.
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First, thanks for the info. No, I have not had a "Hida" scan performed although I am willing to go through any test to determine the cause and find the panacea for this. I will be seeing a new GI specialist (2 months away !) and will bring this to their attention. Not sure if I can survive due to the pain and such but have no choice unless they get a cancellation beforehand.  

What was done (if anything) upon finding out your gallbladder  was at 15% working capacity. Eg; prescribed med's or operation.

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Once it was determined my gallbladder was nonfunctioning. I had surgery to remove it. Thats another story - for most it will take the pain away. I am one of the .09% it didn't help, and required more tests and procedures to finally solve my mystery.
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Does pancreatitis present with pain on the right side mainly?
I always thought it was left sided but after reading all these posts, I am beginning to wonder if I have that plus sphincter of Oddi.
Sorry you are having so much trouble. I can't understand why all of us are here, giving each other advice,tips, stories, and doctors who see this everyday, kind of shake their heads in disbelief.
Is it mainly because a lot of us are women, (no offense guys) but if my husband went to the doctor as sick as I am, and as visibly bony thin, they would not make him wait a year or more to keep finding the answer. They would aggresively test, not tell you "try this medicine and see me in 2 months" and then back again for more, until a year passes and you pass out.
Thank goodness there is this forum, I think everyone has something helpful to share.
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I so agree with you.  I can't believe what I have been going through with doctors.  I am finding out much more information on this web site.  Maybe it is because it is mostly women.  I can't believe they don't admit someone with major abdominal pain into the hospital and run tests until they figure out what is wrong!  Instead it is make an appointment for 2-3 months from now, then schedule a test every two weeks or so.  In the meantime, you are not eating, losing lots of weight, and in much pain.  It's so depressing.  I blame a lot of this on insurance companies as well.
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Hi - looking for someone with similar symptoms who may be able to help me. For approx 2 years I have been experiencing chest pains. These pains are severe, 99% of the time only on the left side, they radiate under my armpit and around the breast area. Also tightening next to the breastbone. (trip to er ruled out heart when this first occured) 1st Doctor said stress, 2nd Dr. said reflux from hiatel hernia, I was prescribed protonix and metoclopromide for 1 year with no relief. 3rd Dr sent me in for an endoscopy. This Dr. said he believed stomach spasms are the cause of the pains in my chest. For the past 6 months I have been taking Dicylomine to suppress the spasms. Have some chest pain, but not as severe. What is the cause of these spasms?? no one seems to be able to answer me, including the Dr. His answer is to stay on the medication thru the end of the year and "see what happens then". If anyone has had something similar happen, I would love any input. Thanks!!
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