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abdominal migraines

I have a 12 year old son that has been having upper right quartant pain with vomiting,nausea and he gets very hot and weak that we have to carry him.  He runs a low grade fever around 99 or 100.9.  We have had a hida scan, gallbladder ultrasound, scope to see if he had an ulcer, blood work and all came back normal except he is slight anemnic.  We seen a doctor a couple of weeks ago and need abdominal x-ray and he was constipation and we thought that was finally the end to the mystery cause he has this problem for 2 1/2 years.  He has missed alot of school and they call for me to pick him up this attacks wakes up doubled over at 2:00am and sometimes right before school and weekends.  He was seen my a Ped Gastro and he diagnois my Joseph with abdominal migraines which he doesn't have headaches and I have never heard of such and they prescribed Elavil 10mg before bed.  I am lost on what to do and you could give me more info on abdominal migraines I would appreciate it.  I have looked and found nothing.  Thanks
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I have been under the care of a Urologist for almost 2 years
now because my Internist found microscopic blood in my urine
I have an a IVP, a cystoscopy, a sonogram, ct scan nd 2 cytologies.  Six months ago they called after the above mentioned tests and said that all they fould was benign cysts in the liver and spleen; nothing to be concerned about.  More recently I had an MRI done at their request and results showed
that now they are calling it a mass on the spleen and the liver
and radiologist put benign/malignant on the report.  Entirely
confused.  Please advise.  I have however made an appointment
with my Internist who is the person that sent me to the Urologist
in the first place.  How likely is it that I could have malignancy in the spleen or the liver.  I have heard that cysts in that area are usually almost always benign.  Your imput on this would be helpful.
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Mary, I too have a 12 yr old niece that has been going through the same thing for the last couple of years and has been unable to get a diagnosis other than constipation. She complains of abd pain mostly during the night has diarrhea, and is doubled over. Unfortunatley she is a little over weight and the doctors are reluctant to do extensive tests because she has not lost a big amount of weight. Abd migraines have been mentioned. As a child I had ++ abd pain myself and was dx with ulcers. As an adult I have been diagnosed with bilirary dyskinesia. They wonder if I had abd migraines as a child because I suffer from migraines (head) as an adult. Many children present with abd migraines and later as adults have head migraines. The fact that your child does not have headaches now is in keeping with this diagnosis. I was told to try migraine medication to see if the abd pain would go. You could try that. I total empathize with you and your son.
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Sue thank you for sharing your story about your niece and yourself.  I have been at a lost.  He wasn't feeling well this morning before school.  But I had to send him he has already missed 10 day in the last month.  I will be glad when they can tell us exactly what the problem is.  I feel frustrated because I feel sometimes they are grabbing straws.  Hope you niece gets better.  Thanks again for your story

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You may want to ask your doc about CVS -cyclical vomiting syndrome or gastroparesis. Another test that may help shed some
light on things is a gastric empty scan. The constipation may
cause upper abdominal symptoms so getting that under control
may help things? Good Luck to you and your son, I hope you find
answers soon.

PS-have you gone for a second opinion, maby try a teaching/university hospital in your area.Also there are
some post below re:nausea,gastroparesis and elavil you may
want to check out.You may also want to "search the web" for
"motility disorders".
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I have a 12 yr. old daughter who developed the same symptoms, but only vomited a couple of times over the course of 4 years.  Her symptoms where intense abdominal pain, doubling over, not wanting to eat because it made her feel worse, headache, nausea and with every "attack" her temperature would run 100+.  Then it would go back to normal when she felt better.  Well, she had an abdominal ultrasound, bloodwork which was questionable, but non-specific, and an upper GI.  Everything showed up as being normal.  We too were told that she was constipated.  She missed so many days of school because of the policy that she had to come home if her temp was 100 or above.  Finally after four years of this and trial antibiotics and acid reducers and stool softeners she saw a pediatric gastroenterologist.  He talked about abdominal migraines and thought that was most likely what she had, but wanted to do an EGD on her.  He also said the temp. she ran was not indicative of a fever, per se, but was the way her body reacted to the pain since she her temp would always return to normal shortly afterwards.  Well, she had the EGD and after the procedure he told me that everything looked good to him, that he didn't see any ulcers or any cause for her symptoms, but that she did have a small hernia (she was 10 yrs. old at the time!) and this was just an incidental finding and not to worry about it.  But, we still had to wait for the results of the biopsies.  His office called me a week later and said the biopsies showed that she had "severe, chronic inflammation of the stomach and duodenum" and she needed to go on a proton pump inhibitor such as Prevacid to give her stomach time to heal.  She took it for 30 days before she saw the doctor again and by that time she was SO MUCH BETTER.  The doctor explained that he's seen this before and what usually happens is that as some point in her life she probably had a virus that "settled in the stomach" and just kept it inflammed so that the normal stomach acid on top of the inflammation was creating the pain and nausea and she would have had no time to heal.  So by taking the Prevacid it stopped nearly all the acid production and gave her stomach time to heal.  She took it for about three months and has been a new child since.  So, the point of the story is that in her case it shot a hole in his abdominal migraine theory and it all came down to the biopsies' results.

Hope this helps.

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It has to be hard not to know what is wrong.  I went today to the doctor cause Joseph is missing school and he is a M.D. and he disagreed with the diagnois of abdominal migraines and we are again going to a PEDS GI doctor for a second opinion.  Joseph has alot of the problems that you are experiencing and it is not in your head but be able to find someone to look further is very frustating.  But I do think I am on the right track again hopefully.  You will be in my prayers kelley and good luck to you and hopefully will find some answers.

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