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abdominal pain in the upper left hand side, below the left rib cage

Hi!  I recently have been experiencing pain in the upper left hand side of the abdomen, below the left rib cage for about three weeks.  The pain feels like a sore muscle pain (similiar to pain one experiences from lifting something too heavy) and then I feel the pain in my left rib cage and shortly thereafter the pain goes into my back into the middle section of the back.  I saw the doctor and he first suspected gastritis.  However, the test results came back normal and the h. pylori test was negative.  In addition, food does not aggravate the pain.  I can sleep throughout the night but during the waking hours the pain is there.  The pain arrives suddenly and then can last for hours or for days.  There are some days when the pain is not there and I feel like my old self- healthy and happy.  I would appreciate it if someone would answer my question.
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Ask for some tests for pancreatitis
fecal fat
fecal elastase
amylase lipase blood test
trypsin test

that should be a start
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have same type of pain and some bleeding when I have bowel movement.....have you been tested for colon problems?
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Thanks for the information. I will definitely ask the doctor about the tests.  Just to let you know, I am still having the pain but it is not as bad as before so I am hoping it is just gastritis.
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Hi!  I just read your message.  I basically have abdominal pain in the upper left hand side and some pain in the rib cage.  The pain is like I pulled a muscle.  I don't have any other symptoms.  I am sorry to hear you are experiencing the same type of pain.  It really *****.  I hope your doctor finds out what the problem is in your case.  I wish you the best of luck.
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For about a week I've been having lower left side pains, almost like a pulled muscle. My Dr. says it might be Pleurisy, but I have other symptoms like fever etc. I've had these pains before , but always before my menstration, and then they would go away, only lasting a day or so. Any women out there with this problem?
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