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I know i have cirrhosis as i have the following symptoms.
weight loss, stomach growls and makes noices all the time,
fatiuge, palms are red with what looks like white spots.
lost alot of weight and size around my personnal parts.
confused some times, red acne looking dots on my back and
chest. Get dry mouth unbearable at night time. . problems
is doctor did cat scan and lft and were normal. He says
its in my head, he is wrong and wont listen. Im young 38
but drank everyday for 15 years. also bloated up good, but
that has calmed down. If this is cirrhosis and these are
symptoms of cirrhosis. What should i expect next as far as
my symptoms getting worse. What stage are these symptoms at.
I mean my liver shutting down. These symptoms are getting
to be unbearable and i dont see it getting any better. My
doctor says that my liver would have to be 90% gone to
get end stage symptoms, which he says is impossible with
normal lft and normal cat scan which i just had. is he
correct. im no doctor but i know my body, something is
wrong and i know its cirrhosis.what do you think
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A normal imaging study will make cirrhosis less likely.  There are also causes other than cirrhosis that can mimic some of your symptoms.  

Liver enzymes can be normal in end-stage cirrhosis.  However, the CT scan would also see this as well.

If there is a continued concern about cirrhosis, I would obtain another GI opinion.  The only way to be sure is to have a liver biopsy performed.  

These options can be discussed with your personal physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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I'd follow up on your concerns and see a iver specialist(Heptologist) get tested for hepatitis and rule that out. It can cause some of your symptoms and goes undetected in milions of people, it is known as a "sient killer" disease for that reason. Be gad your body is giving you symptoms to alert you to a probem, in many they have no idea. Listen to your gut, if you feel your doc is blowing you off, get another opinion. It is your health. Sounds like you have stopped drinking ( good for you) but if not, I'd stop drinking any alcohol at all and be careful of the medications and diet you put in your body. Fatty iver is a condition that can be heped enormousy be dietary changes. Be proactive and get answers, you deserve them.
I was diagnosed with Hep C, had no  known exposure or  risk factors (other than back surgeries) to it, yet I got it. I too had many of the symptoms you describe.
Keep going, be proactive and get to the bottom of it.It might NOT be cirrosis, but that does not mean it isn't another liver issue. Hep C can cause cirrosis also, not only alcohol can damage your liver, other things can be at work here. Take the CT resuts as GOOD NEWS but keep going in your quest to get answers, you are right in that many of your symptoms are signs of liver probems.
Take care and good luck to you.
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Thanks had hep test tast april came back neg. I actually
had a biopsy that read slight portal tract inflammation,
slight fatty change and minimal fibrosis. grade 01/4+.
The problems is for 3 months i was taken 4  .5mg of clonipine
a day and 2 50mg of trazadone a day. Took these after the
biopsy. Already had symptoms of liver problems but they
got worse one day and i think the meds pushed my liver
to cirrosis. Never took meds until these meds. Never
should of taken them. Told 3 doctors and they all think
that no way my liver went to cirrhosis. Looking for answers.
These meds may of done alot of damage.
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I would keep going to the doctor and be persistant about it.  If you don't feel right about the doctor go to someone else.  My husband and I have gone thru 3 doctors and finally adore the one he has now.  Try to go to a specialist.  I pray you have a better prognosis than what my family is dealing with.  I would never wish this on anyone.
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Thanks for your help and support.
I saw 2 gastro doctors . Both think nothing is wrong
with me because of my biopsy 6 months ago. and the fact
that my lft are normal and cat scan normal. Im no dr.
but i know what is wrong with me. I tried to tell them
about the prescription meds i took after the biopsy,
they dont want to listen. The only good thing is i have
no dr. telling me i have cirrhosis. But i have all the symtoms
and drinking history. Scared young wife can i ask how
your husband was diagnosed. Does his lft test come back
normal now that he has cirrhosis. mine we very high when
the symptoms started and came back to normal when i quit
drinking. I have 30 pd weight loss, severe dry mouth,
face is tan colored, get groves in my skin from my socks
underware( called putting i believe)stomach growls all the
time. did bloat up but that has calmed down (not sure why)
eyes seem to get glossy and yellow when i drink certain
things, coffee and coke. A 2 week big drinking binge started
all this for me around a year ago. Started to lose weight
then i slowly got all the symptoms. My head was so confused
and i was scared i started on the meds the doctor gave me.
never should of taken them. scared young wife do these sound
like symptoms, i also have red acne looking red dots on my
back and chest. any more comments or ideas would be helpful.
Thanks alot and good luck
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