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end stage liver disease

I have a loved one with cirrhosis of the liver; he had ascites about 6 months ago and was in the hospital and had the fluid drained from his stomach; doctors told him then that if he drank he would not see Christmas; well he kept drinking and he saw Christmas; he takes lactalose and a diuretic and drinks right along with it....He has lost weight, bleeds easily, has trouble sleeping, eats OK, but KEEPS DRINKING. Vodka, beer, anything....I am amazed that the human body can take this kind of abuse for as long as his has, is he some kind of medical miracle? He usually drinks all night and sleeps all day,and in the moments when he is sober, he is all right...I don't know what to do for him anymore....this can't go on for years can it???
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I'm really sorry that your loved one has decided to contine to drink ever though they have cirrhosis of the liver. I think if they continue the next step will be liver failure. When you have cirrhosis your not supposed to drink ANYTHING! Good luck to you!
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A doctor can guess at life expectancy, but they can't be exact.
Generally, (only GENERALLY), here's how it works:
Stage A cirrhosis has a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years
Stage C cirrhosis has a life expectancy of 1 to 3 years

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Can you tell me what the Stages of Cirrhosis are? Thanks so much for your help
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There's 3 stages to Cirrhosis:
Stage A ("compensated"; not too sick)
Stage B (beginning to decompensate; complications beginning to appear)
Stage C ("decompensated"; end stage)

Doctors use something called a CTP Score, to see what Stage of cirrhosis that a person is in.

The CTP Score is based on FIVE QUESTIONS.
You receive a point value (score) for each of the answers.

Here's how it works:

1. Total Serum Bilirubin
.....if Bilirubin is <2 mg/dl: score 1 point
.....if Bilirubin is 2-3 mg/dl: score 2 points
.....if Bilirubin is >3 mg/dl: score 3 points

2. Serum Albumin
.....if Albumin is >3.5 g/dl: score 1 point
.....if Albumin is 2.8 to 3.5 g/dl: score 2 points
.....if Albumin is <2.8 g/dl: score 3 points

3. INR
.....if INR is <1.70: score 1 point
.....if INR is 1.71 to 2.20: score 2 points
.....if INR is >2.20: score 3 points

4. Ascites
.....No Ascites: score 1 point
.....Ascites controlled medically: score 2 points
.....Ascites poorly controlled: score 3 points

5. Encephalopathy
.....No Encephalopathy: score 1 point
.....Encephalopathy controlled medically: score 2 points
.....Encephalopathy poorly controlled: score 3 points

Total your score.

Sum total score gives grades of:
5 to 6 points = Stage A
7 to 9 points = Stage B
10 to 15 points = Stage C

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You'll need to see his bloodtest results in order to know his "Total Bilirubin".....his "Albumin"......and his "INR".

You mentioned that he's taking diuretics (that would be to control the ascites)........and that he's taking lactulose (that would be to control the encephalopathy).

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how do you know which stage you are when all of these can change over time?
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