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globus sensation

I have been treated for reflux esophagitis for apporoximately 3 months.  I am presently taking acifex and metoclopramide for my condition.  An endoscopy shows signs of mild esophagits in the lower part of the esophagus.  There are no signs of any blockage, stricutres, ulceration or scarring, and a baruim esophagram shows normal digestive function, and LES pressure appears normal.  However, I have had a nagging feeling of having a lump in my throat and feeling pressure and tightness down there, and swalowing solids is very uncomfortable and often difficult, especially with anything that isn't very soft and moist.  An ENT had ruled previously ruled out just about all other casues such as thyroid disease, mono, strep, polyps, or any tissue abnormalities.  What is causing this sensation of having food lodged in my pharynx or having a lump in it (with no eviedence of anything caught down there), and how can it be allieviated if not ellimitated altoghether?
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Hi Jeff
for the past 9 months i have been experiencing chest tightness (feeling not enough air and need to take deep breaths), lump sensation in lower throat and upper chest heaviness. whenever i lie down on my back my chest tightness and pain is getting worse. i burp a lot from day and night and i feel that my whole of upper digestive tract is full of gas. whenever i swallow eg saliva it's just gurgling right at the back of my throat and with a few seconds delay, i hear noises travelling down my esophagus. i myself is scared of some obstruction or MS, but my doctor kept asking me to try anti-reflux medicine, which didn't really help. I wonder if you ever have any of my above symptoms? email me at ***@****

Worried Kissie
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In response to Worried Kissie, I do belch quite a bit and I do hear a lot of gurgling coming from the back of my throat and do have some of the gassy feeling. Sleeping on my back is rather uncomfortable and I usually must sleep on my side.
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I had this sensation too for months and was first told it was globus hysteria (essentially meaning I "sensed" something but it was not really there--I believe this is a psychosomatic thing). Later I was diagnosed with temporo-mandibular joint (jaw joint) dysfunction syndrome for unrelated complaints. When I went to a specialist for the TMD, I learned that the constant feeling of a lump in your throat without physical stricture is also a symptom of TMD. Do your jaw joints click, grate or pop when you chew, do you get tension type headaches on the sides or back of your head or do you clench or grind your teeth during your sleep? If so you might investigate this as a possible cause. When I was treated for the TMD this sensation disappeared. I can give more info if you want, if you post your email.
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Thank you for your suggestion, but I haven't noticed any symptoms of jaw trouble, such as what you described.
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I had globus. Finally it was traced to my gallbladder. After getting gallbladder out, globus was still there but not at the degree it was before. That was two years ago. I have since been dx with GERD and have been on Prilosec and lifestyle changes. Endoscopy showed no strictures, etc, just some acid burns. I am set to have a motility study next Monday, and then we will talk about fundoplication surgery. The horrible trapped gas sensation also all but went away after getting gall bladder removed. It's really horrible to have globus. Much more maddening than pain. It just plain gets on your nerves because it's there all the time. It might be a motility problem. I had problems swallowing cold water and tortilla chips. I still have these problems somewhat. I think I'm doing better with out all that bile burning me. I had chronic gall bladder with no stones. See a gastro doc. I hope this helps.
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I can definitely relate to your problem. I seem to have the same thing..this constant sensation of either food Sticking in my throat, or a type of fullness in my throat. My Dr. currently has me on prilosec 2x a day, and zanax to help with spasms/anxiety. It seems to be helping a bit but still have quite a bit of discomfort.
Are you taking any other meds? Tests? Has anything helped!!
Stress is definitely a factor in this..I notice doing some
relaxation exercises can take some of the edge off. I hope you
feel better soon!!
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I have had the same problem for years.  I take Protonix for the GERD and Synthroid for hypothroidism and goiter.  The endocrinologist said my goiter is too small to cause these compressive symptoms and the gastroenterologist did and endoscopy and couldnt find anything.  I suffer nightly from pressure in my throat and chest and noone can offer any help. It is terrible.  If you find a solution let me know.  Pam
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I have been experiencing the feeling of a lump in the back of my throat and pressure since Thanksgiving.  I had an endoscopy which showed a hietal hernia and acid reflux.  I am on Prilosec and Regelan.  I still have the throat symptoms but have no burning in my chest.  My doctor is now sending me to an ENT for examination.  He is wondering about chronic sinusitis and put me on Claritin D.  I do seem to have some relief with the Claritin.  Please let me know if you find any relief from your symptoms.
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I have this too!  The first day I noticed it was the same day I received an injection of Synvisc (for joint pain- made from the comb of a chicken) and got hives and other symptoms- thought the throat thing was from that but I also have chronic GERD and a hiatal hernia.  The constant burping is very embarrassing to say the least.  I burp like a man!  I had a blood pressure spike yesterday that was unlike anything I've ever had- told the doctor about my throat and he felt that it was an allergy of some kind- so I'm still praying the thick throat feeling is  the synvisc and will go away. I have followed everyone's suggestions for diet and I take allergy pills and its HELPS!  I wonder if it is related to an allergy thing?  I get tired of docs who tell us this stuff is in our heads!  Its real!  I told my gastro doctor about it and he prescribed salt water gargling!  Get real!
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This is me, too. My throat has been like that since Sept 99, but has come and gone in intensity, geting worse just recently (probably because reflux is worse with late stage of pregnancy I am in). I have the other symptoms of pain in chest radiating to jaw and arm, etc. Anyway, I am curious about the joint pain, Tricia. There are connections between connective tissue diseases and esophageal spasms (with or without other reflux symptoms). I really believe this is what my problem stems from, since rheumatoid problems run in my family, and I have other symptoms of fibromyalgia. What kind of joint pain were you treated for? Your throat problems may be related if it is a rheumatoid thing. I can not follow up on this since I am pregnant right now, but as soon as I have the baby I am going to have all sorts of tests done. I would suggest to anyone suffering from these problems to see a doctor about fibromyalgia if possible (And a lot of doctors don't believe ou, so you may want to find a rheumatologist who does believe fibromyalgia is serious). I did a search just last night on the net for connective tissue diseases and came up with all sorts of sites; at least a couple mentioned the esophagus/reflux-fibromyalgia connection. Hope this helps.
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I have been diagnosed with globus hysteria too....  by mistake, I found that blowing my nose relieves the symptoms completely.
I get the feeling that the throat is completely blocked, almost like a cramp, and it is definitely related to stress.  Blowing the nose, during an attack, clears the symptom, and gives immediate relief.  Hope this works for someone else..
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This is me too.....

They did find a stricture....a baby one and was told it was ballooned but I have doubts that I really had one. ( I was awake thru the EGD and this took less than one minute and he was out)I was counting the seconds during this procedure.   Symptoms are still there and even the slightess thing that goes into my mouth, will bring on severe allergy symptoms, i.e. the tickle, the cough, the gagging and the heavy mucus in the throat, and the sneezing and the watery eyes and nose. But, the 'thing' in my throat is always there.

New doc said she will go back in to see if the stricture has returned but as I said before, I do not think I had a stricture.

Biopsies were very minimal with no Barret's or acute inflammation.  Hiatal hernia was seen.

I am getting off all meds to see if there is a side effects to various meds.

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I have been having a lump in my throat and if I eat harder foods, I get a chest pressure and feelin something is stuck in my throat.  I have had endoscopy, Ultrasounds of thyroid, Gallbladder, etc.  Barium Swallow, etc.  They think I am crazy and have me on antidepressants now.  I have no stress now except this constant feeling, which is getting me down.  Does anyone have any information for me regarding this.  Alli

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I have been having a feeling of a lump in my throat , sometimes better, sometimes worst.  If I eat hard and dry food I get a feeling of upper chest fullness.  I have had Endoscopy, ENT consult, Barium Swallow, Ultrasounds, etc.  Negative.  They put me on antidepressents and they don't seem to help me.  Any information would be appreciated.
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Hi Alli,

I too have the "something stuck in the throat feeling". It first appeared 12 years ago. Has since come off and on. The first time it appeared, the doc did a Upper G.I. and found nothing, so did nothing. I hadn't bothered to go and have it investigated again until now. It came back last month and hasn't left (longest i have ever had it). I went to the doc and she put me on Ativan, and referred me to a psychiatrist. I have no emotional problems, and i know that this is not in my head! I have had as of late, blood work done for thyroid, ultrasound of thyroid (still waiting for results), have recently been diagnosed with GERD, and i'm on losec. The doc who diagnosed GERD said the throat feeling is from the irritation of acid reflux, and said that the irritation does give a globus sensation. After a couple of days on Losec i'm feeling better, but i still have a bit of the globus sensation.
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I have had Globus, often called Globus Hystericus, but technically known as Globus Pharyngeous.

Here's how I made it go away:

1) Lowered stress. This helped a lot.
2) Drink acidic drinks (juices, etc) and had fruit 1/2 hour before eating a meal. For example, if you have OJ in the morning, drink it and nothing else. Wait a 1/2 hour and then eat your meal. The juice is digested faster and easier and doesn't linger like it does when food is consumed a the same time (which can cause acidic burping which can cause the globus).
3) neck exercises.
4) crying!! Really helps for some reason.

For me, it was an understanding that it is not really there. It's a flexing of the pharynx because I was stressed and worried. Taking care of that is the big one. I feel so much better with the globus gone. It recurrs only when I get too stressed, so now globus is my helper: my stressometer.

Hope this helps. If I helped you or you have comments, feel free to let me know; I probably won't come back to the forum much.


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Kissie is back.
With more symptoms.
I contantly get this upper chest /throat congested feeling. pain at times which cause me to cough-- sometimes streaks of blood seen! i am worried. very worried indeed. my breathlessness continues, with difficulty in taking full satisfying breath, feels that the throat muscles etc have been stuck and cannot lift up during breathing in.
i feel that my oesophagus is pulling tight inside.
i had manometry test and it showed oesophageal dysmotility. i am worried it's connected with connective tissue disease.
why am i getting the breathlessness? related to connective tissue disease again? this makes me even worrier. worrier.
can oesophagus problem cause respiratory problem like mine?
whenever i swallow my own saliva (upright or lie down) i feel that the saliva is being pushed to the back of the throat but it stays there and didn't get down. i can then feel the 'bubble sensation' moving in my oesophagus which makes a noise (like a grumbling noise produced from your stomach).
anyone has any info?
god bless everyone.

-worried kissie
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