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holistic medicine

Does anyone have any experience (successful or not) using holistic techniques (i.e. acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal remedies, etc.) in dealing with gastrointestinal problems, especially with things like a hypersensitive gut or IBS?
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Hey lumpy,   I have started using herbal remedies with great success for abdominal pain that hasn't been diagnosed by a doc  as to cause yet.   I researched and found that Ginger root is good for aiding the digestion in the stomach which sure works for me.  I also take Garlic tablets for colon cleansing.  I am 50 and never have gotten into natural remedies but friends started telling me what to take for my problem and I found out it works.  I take concentrated cranberry tablets for the urinary system also since I thought my pain was from my bladder.  Had tests done on it and nothing found there but still take regularly as I really have gotten into using  this stuff since it has made a big difference in decreasing my pain.  I also have gotten prayer so God has worked in my healing.  You have to believe it will happen and it will.  Faith thing.   Hope this helps your decision.
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Hi Lumpy. I have both IBS and chronic fatigue syndrome and have been through all of the conventional tests and meds with no relief.  Natural methods seem to be the only thing that truly help to heal, not just treat symptoms temporarily and cause side effects, as prescription drugs do. I've tried several types of holistic medicine: I recently went for allergy elimination treatments (NAET-Nambutripad Allergy Elimination Technique) through an acupuncturist and this has helped tremendously. Many digestive complications are due to food allergies and this seemed to alleviate a lot of problems for me. I also found a good Naturopathic doctor who has prescribed a course of herbs and digestive enzymes which I take with food. I've also tried homeopathic medicine and magnesia phosphorica seems to help with cramping. Homeopathic medicine is very subjective though- different remedies work for different symptoms for different people. You may want to investigate local practitioners by inquiring through your local health food store. Other natural things that have helped me are sticking to a low sugar/high protein diet (check out candida diets-veggies-fish-rice), taking acidophilus supplements, using a powdered greens supplement like Greens Plus or Kyo-Green to help to heal the intestinal lining and to give you vitamins you may be lacking if you are like I was when unable to digest greens, avoiding as much dairy as possible (use Lactaid), drinking ginger or peppermint tea and avoiding alcohol. I know how frustrating and painful these sorts of conditions are-hope this helps!
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