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i have pain in the lower left side of stomach

I have pain in the lower left side of my stomach it feels like there is a knot there and something is growing. Sometime when I have intercourse I feel some pain pushing into that spot. A lot of times i feel nausea and dizzy at times.What could this be?
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I don't believe there is someone that actually has the exact same symptoms as I do. I have been going through a year of major tests. It started with major lower left (adjacent to the hip bone)pain. So bad I've been in the Emergency ward 1-2 times a month. Nobody knows. I've had a barium enima, every kind on u/sound possible,laparoscopy (thought endometriosis), abdo and pelvic CT's, MRI, Bone Scan, no medications help I have Demerol T3's etc. It's a sharp pain with a burning sensation, almost feels like my side will explode. It is always there dull but, sometimes throbs like somebody just squeezed my inside and let go (pressure!!). Sex hurts with blinding pain like someone stabbed me and remains a dull pain after. I've passed out. I have a history of rupturing ovarian cysts.Bowel movements are lucky if weekly. At the same time I have slight nausea, huge bloating. I'm having a very difficult time . I'm told it's in my head, my boyfriend thinks I use it as an excuse, what do I do?  It has been really bad recently as whatever it is in there( I feel a hard lump that nobody else seems to)Is causing a pinched nerve. This pain starts from the left side, runs up to under my rib cage(like a cramp), down my hip bone( sharp), into the groin and inside of the leg (which has given out so many times)to the knee. Bottom of the foot goes numb as well as leg above the knee. The week before that lovely time of the month shows up is the worst of it threefold!!!! If anyone knows anything of these symptoms please respond . I have 8 doctors on the go whom haven't got a clue and along with it all I'm very physically tired and depressed. HELP!!!
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I forgot to add that I'm a 30 year old female
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That does sound like it may be ovarian cyst problems.  The first time it happened to me was about 3 years ago.  I was fine until about 4:00 one afternoon and all of a sudden my whole left side started hurting so bad!  It felt like someone was taking a red hot poker and stabbing me over and over. I could hardly breath.  Went to the E.R. and they diagnosed it as a bad urinary track infection.  They gave me I.V. antibiotics and antibiotics to take at home.  A week later i was back at the doctor.  They said that the infection should be better with having taken the I.V. antibiotics and some at home.  They sent me to a urologist.  He thought it was divaticulitis.  So off i went to an gastro doctor.  They did a cat scan and found a cyst in my left ovary. Then it was to my female doctor.  I have had multiple episodes through this past 3 years. When I have a cyst, intercourse is extremely painful.  I have three children and don't want any more so we began talking about historectomy. (I get them on and in both ovaries).  About 6 months ago, he did a laproscopy, histeroscopy and D&C all at one time to make sure there wasn't something else wrong.  He found scar tissue that had every organ connected to another one. He removed the scar tissue and is waiting a few months to let that heal before going on to the other.  I still get the episodes but not quite as severe as they were before.  Don't give up hope, keep after your doctor(s) to find the problem. You have to!  Most doctors try to say that ovarian cysts don't cause pain, but it does.  Size also has nothing to do with the amount of pain.  My doctor's nurse told me that they have had some people come in for routine checks and had big ones that never bothered them while others have had small ones that caused all kinds of pain. Hope this helps give some ray of hope. I know hearing others have the same symptoms lets me know I am not alone in this.
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