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nausea, burping, dry heaving, and vomiting for over 3 months

i have been vomiting daily for over 3 months. i have had an endoscopy, gast. empty study, stool/blood work, and ultrasound of gall bladder and ct scans of pelvis/abdomen. only found small cyst on ovary. gi docs say its med related/anxiety. psychiatrist has changed meds..on meds ive taken b/f with no probs. i am on valium for anxiety. always worked before. can anyone think of anything else we need to check? thyroid-ok. i am in agony. i burp constantly, dry heave, gag on own saliva, and vomit sometimes up to 7 times a day. help!!!! my therapist is convinced this is NOT in my head. ive tried all reflux meds and vomit them up. ive tried byntel, phenergan, and reglin as well. nothing helps. thanks for any imput.
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A friend of mine's cerebellum was separating due to a brain tumor.  Her symptoms were similar to yours however it affected all of her involuntary responses and balance was off as well.

Try an MRI (they did successfully remove the cancer by the way so don't worry...and hey...if it isn't this...thank God).
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thank you for your response. i havent really considered that, but an mri may not be a bad idea. i have so many neurological problems anyway. gosh-i am so glad to hear that your friend is ok. that sounds really scary. i will discuss it with my doctor on monday. im curious-what made the doctors act on your friends problems and refer her to have an mri? was it the imbalance/trouble with motor skills or something? the worst thing i have had so far is dizziness which is to be expected i guess-from lack of nutrition....but i was wondering-how long did these problems persist before they took action and do you know what tests your friend had before the mri? thanks..
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do you have any difficulty swallowing?
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occassionally...last night was awful! i felt like i had swallowed a golf ball and it was stuck in my throat! :( i vomited up acid-yellow bile.
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