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pre-cancer questions

My wife is 5 mths. pregnant, and has received a pap test determining she is a HPV carrier and has pre-cancer cells.  what type of treatment can be done? Is the pre-cancer cell contages to me in any way?  what can be done to help prevent the precancer cells into turning into cancer cells in normal day life?  Any type of information will help, thanks

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You can't catch cancer nor can you catch cancer cells! It's not a contagious disease. Tell your wife to ask her obgyn to refer her to a working nutritionist.

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HPV is an STD and is contagious...HPV is what CAUSES the pre-cancerous cells which can be eradicated through laser or cryo-surgery...although some docs just wait it out with no surgery because often the body develops anti-bodies against the HPV virus and cures itself. i recently had cervical laser surgery and it went fine but i would imagine cervical surgery would not be an option considering she's 5 months pregnant..FYI, some 80% of the population has HPV (human papilloma virus that causes genital warts) men are asymptomatic and are usually not treated unless they develop the warts..
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He didn't ask if HPV was catching, but asked and I quote,
"Is the pre-cancer cell contages to me in any way?" Pre-cancer cells are NOT catching. If you're asking if you will catch the cancer cells by having sex with your wife, the answer is NO!
Perhaps you'd like to read this.

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to clarify...NO the pre-cancerous cells are NOT contagious...however, the underlying cause (HPV)to the pre-cancerous cells is an STD and is contagious..i just went through it myself...i had no symptoms only an abnormal pap smear with cell dysplasia due to HPV and my dr. did advise me that i was contagious...

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