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primary sclerosing cholangitis and fatigue

male, mid 50's has ulcerative colitis, &  p.s.c.
takes azathioprine and  flagyl for the colitis.
+ hi dosage urso-deoxycholic acid, and vit. D, calcium etc.
for approx 18 months has had severe fatigue, alternating with hi white cell counts & fever/night sweats.  
most of this time  has been taking antibiotics which work completely some times and not at all at others.
after each course the symtoms recurr and he has to start another.
p.s.c./gastro specialists think  there is infection but without the other symptoms usual in colon or bile duct infection.
anyone had sim. experience?

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Take a look at this article , you may relate to it, as you will see
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My father has been diagnosed with psc and is definately fighting an uphill battle. He is 68 years old with several other health problems. Your situation sounds very familiar.

My father has been in the hospital for 20 of the last 30 days. A few days ago his BUN levels were 64, then 83 and now 92. I'm not sure how high they can go before liver failure sets in.

If you have any information that you could forward on to me, I would appreciate it.

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