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Dog losing hair

We have a 8 month dasch mix, she is a foster. She is losing hair around eyes, head, nose line, tail tip is bald, and now has dry scaley patch on her back. Took her to vet they did 3 scrapes 1 deep and couldn't find anything. They put her on steroids that made her sick.
I'm at a loss of what this is. Oh and her breathe is a bad odor, not bad breathe, but smells funky.
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My elderly mom-in-law's  Dachshund loses hair when he feels stressed. Sometimes he rolls and rubs on blankets and bedding over and over.
Mostly changes to his routine are what upset him, like when she has to leave the house for awhile.
He will stress and in a few days the hair starts falling out. Can take weeks to grow back also.
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Are you sure the smell is the dog's breath?  A skin disorder/dermatitis called Yeast causes all the symptoms you mentioned, including bad smell, often from the ears. Look into the ear channel with a bright light and reading glasses if needed. It should be clean, no gunk.

The vet should have been able to detect Yeast, so maybe not that.  

Does the dog lick,scratch and chew any of the area it can reach?  Another sign of Yeast.

There are prescription dog shampoo that will help and intern meds containing Ketaconozole that fights yeast inside and out.
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