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Grooming classes?

I was wondering if anyone would happen to know if there is such a thing as "grooming classes". I've been looking for schools around here (montreal, Quebec) because i had heard that there were some offered but i cant seem to find information on it!!!

I know probably no one will know of specific ones in Montreal, but does anyone know if they exist in general?
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That's a good question - I wish I had an answer!  We've always had short-coated dogs who didn't need formal grooming services.  You might try calling your vet or any grooming salon for advice on how to get started working in this area.  I suspect some facilities use an apprentice-type method, meaning you learn on the job from a knowledgeable senior employee.  Another place to check would be a local university that includes a veterinarian course of study.  They may offer an Associates Degree (2-year) program in grooming.
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Thanks Jaybay.
I called all the schools around here that do vet teaching, or vet tech. No one knew, lol they all said "yes... they exist but we dont know where" finally it was the receptionist at one of the clinics that just by chance knew.. lol RANDOM!!
I'll call this week and find out more about it... I didnt realize that it could be a two year program... lol i wanted it just so i could have fun and groom my parents poodles =S I'll look into it Thanks!
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LOL!  Good for you!  If you only want to groom your parent's poodles, any groomer should be able to show you how.  What IS difficult in the life of a groomer is knowing the proper cuts and techniques for a multitude of dog breeds.  You're also expected to know how express anal glands and trim nails.  Some fun, eh?!  :-D
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hahah i've been trimming nails since i was 14 and learned how to do anal glands about 4 months ago, after 3 visits to the vet at 75$ a pop. The worst part is, that they didnt even really need to be done. I went to my groomer and she showed me how on one of her dogs... lol then asked me to do it to my shepherd (the one that had all the anal gland problems) and they werent even full... and this is less then an hour after comming back from the vet... who, once again told me they DESPERATLY needed to be emptied again otherwise i would be risking a rupture. arg.. that is my EX vet...
It's a really nasty smell... oh my gosh... the drives home were something... it was my boyfriend and i who had our heads sticking out the windows!!!! =)

thanks again!
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I've been trying to save money by grooming my Schnauzer and Poodle myself. Times are tuff in this economy. I so miss the days of being able to afford dog groomers, cleaning ladies, and hair salons. lol  Anyway, I found a some of these web sites helpful.

The first time the dogs looked a little funny, but I'm getting the hang of it. I still find clipping their nails the hardest part.
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