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How to get my 10 year old dog on a strict healthy diet?

She needs help ;-; i don't want to leave her like this as i know she will get worse. So what can i do?? She is a chihuahua, pure breed but she is a rather thicker size dog..weirdly enough so is her puppy who is similar to her. Though she is still over weight, no matter the diet food we get her she loves to eat D:. I dont know what to do...i want to stop with the dog food cause it seems so unhealthy. Can i feed her veggies? or any fruit? I need a cheap easy way to get her to stop eatin so much n to just slim some. We have been walking but she keeps doing the same ol thing n just eating more!! Shes a good dog :c just she loves her food..like all dogs. P.s. she hates lettuce
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Green beans are a good, healthy and low calorie filler.  Make sure you get the ones without sodium and mix with the dog food.  Good luck!

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Give her less food.  Some low calorie "fillers" can help reduce the calorie intake, but there's nothing like eating less to lose weight.  She needs to be on a balanced died and still needs some protein - e.g., meat or fish.  So, you need to maintain a diet that has a healthy balance, but ends up with fewer than present caloric intake.  

Be sure no one is feeding her table left overs, don't use her for a garbage can, sounds like she would cooperate.... I say this as one who has done this.  We had a smaller size coon hound  (mix)  that would eat anything.  I used to scrap plates into his dish before putting them in the sink for washing.  But,this dog got enough exercise to burn the intake.  We now have a Westie that is picky about food, still we have to be careful or he will be twice his best size.  It takes a lot of effort for me to thow food away that I can't even give him a little "taste" of.  In his case we are also worried about food allergies, which he has.

Feed her less !  and give her a long life.
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Yes, your right.....Obesity in dogs, leads to many diseases such as Diabetes, Pancreatitis, Kidney disease, Thyroid Disease, Joint Disease, etc. .....This doesn't make sense to me; Who's serving the food? Someone else in the house?

What are you feeding her & how much? What does she weigh?  Karla
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Here's a good article on the subject:                      

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Sorry...The first one was not complete...Here it is:

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Same questions as Karla.  The dog won't lose any weight if it keeps being fed.  You need a good low protein/fat food and a feeding schedule of twice a day only.
I have used the green bean diet fir many years on dogs that packed on a few pounds but I have never really let my dogs get overweight.  
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