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Is it normal for my dog to be extremely weak and tired after receiving an IV and meds for Parvo treatment?

Is it normal for my dog to be extremely weak and tired after receiving an IV and meds for Parvo treatment? I took her in this morning to the vet and was given all the material needed for treatment. However, now my dog is extremely sleepy and weak, and she can't even stand up now. PLEASE HELP!
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I am so very sad to read this. I know how terrible Parvo is. Because your pup was so young, I guess it overwhelmed her. The very young and the older dogs find it hard to cope with Parvo. Young, fit strong adults have a better chance.
This virus is deadly.
My deep condolences to your family. Poor little mite. At least she had you taking care of her at the end, and she was in home surroundings which would have meant a lot to her.
I am sure, with what you described about her treatment, everything was ok about that -with the IV at home and you nursing her. So you did your very best.
I am so sorry.
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Oh, sorry you lost your puppy.  Parvo is terrible and can take puppies quickly.

I do want to give you a word of caution, hope you don't mind.  Since the sick puppy was in your house, I strongly recommend you wash and disinfect whatever you can. Wash the clothes you were wearing and bleach any surfaces you can, that includes the soles of your shoes.  The virus can be carried on many surfaces.  I hope your older dog has all it's shots.  You should not bring another puppy or dog onto your property unless it is *fully* vaccinated.  If you should get another puppy, please get an older one that is done with it's full series of shots.
Again, sorry for your loss.  
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Thanks for the advice.

The doctor recommended that she stays for 2 nights but my family decided to care for the dog on our own so all the medical treatments where given to us. We have purchased all the oral antibiotics and also the IV from the Vet and set up the IV at home.

Anyways, my dog just passed about 40 minutes ago. She was very weak and I think she was suffering too much so she couldn't hold on anymore. My dog is merely 3 months and 1 week so her chance wasn't too high. However, I really had faith and hope in her as she did show sign of improvement from time to time today. BUT at the end, she wasn't able to pull through. It is really hard to see her slowly dying and we couldn't do anything about it. She was a great little puppy who loves an adventure, and her death has brought a lot of pain and saddess to myamily. Again, thanks for your advice. I will surely take better care of my older dog.
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I am amazed! They didn't keep your dog hospitalized for Parvo treatment???
Parvo virus is so serious, I know. My dog had it once when she was younger. It is extremely contagious as well (not for humans, but for other dogs)
IV fluids and antibiotics are the usual treatment. But don't take this lightly as many dogs struggle with this disease.
If you have a fairly fit healthy dog to start with, she has a good chance. But dogs can and do die of this.
I am surprised after only a few hours she is being sent home with -what? oral antibiotics? Or do you have the IV set up at home? I don't quite understand this.

I would say get straight on the phone back to your vet and question this decision.
If you do not like what you hear, call another vet, and ask for a second opinion.
It truly is my opinion she needs to be hospitalized. But that may depend upon how badly she has it.

She will be weak, yes. My dog is a very strong dog, but she was knocked sideways by Parvo, and it took her a few weeks to fully recover. When she came out of the veterinary hospital (after 1 week!) she had lost a terrific amount of weight, and would only eat if hand-fed. But slowly her strength came back, and she was fit and well again, and she has been strong since.
So I am wishing you and your dog all the very best. Remember many DO survive this.

By the way -don't forget you will have to clean very very thoroughly when she starts to recover, as this virulent virus is quite hard to eliminate from the home and yard/garden. I think there are details on the proper cleaning methods somewhere on this site. I'll try to find them and give them to you.
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