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Low sodium dog chews

I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 11kg (he's big but NOT fat) and am researching the best food to give him as he is in Congestive heart failure. The only food the vet recommended are the prescription diets (Hills, Royal Canin etc) and I refuse to give those as they have animal by products etc so I feed Burns Low fat (low sodium) u til I find something better.
My real issue though is low sodium chews. He has a voracious appetite and chews advertised to last a day are gone in 5 mins with him. He adores his food and looks forward to treat time. Carrots etc just don't cut the mustard! I have been giving dried fish skin (salmon and white fish) because I believe it to be a healthy option and it lasts but I'm worried about the sodium content as I can't tell wether the fish is from the sea.
I am disabled and unable to cook except the most simple foods. Any advice of premade food and chews in the UK would be greatly appreciated. I prefer organic and natural. Thanks so much.
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Hi. If you use long-grain white rice (which is extremely low in sodium), you can create your own crunchy rice bones. Most dogs love them and they are unfattening, nutritious and healthy. Cook the rice, drain and press together into whatever shape you want, then bake until they are hard but not burned. Cooking for a longer time on a low heat is better, I find. You can also add natural flavors, but you should research those without sodium - and be aware the bones may have a shorter shelf life with some additives.

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Welcome--I don't know what you have available to you, but most areas will have a Sweet potato Chew....Many companies manufacture them.....Make sure they ARE NOT made in China....Otherwise, this should be a fine treat for your guy.....

If you have The Honest Kitchen products around you, they make wonderful, healthy treats....My favorite are the Buffalo/Blue Berry Pecks.....Might check them out.....
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