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Mine seems very lathargic and down since he has had this throat problem

My dog Alfie has progressively got worse with his breathing since Monday for no apparent reason. He snores and snorts with most inhale and exhale and seems to wease and struggle to take full breaths. There are two lumps or glands on each side of his neck that are large like a grape. He has also from today been off his food and water. I have spoken with the vet and I'm taking him to the surgery on Monday to be examined. The vets don't know without seeing him tonight but say to keep him under obs for now if he's not in pain so that I don't have to pay the £200 call out fee plus treatment. I was hoping someone would have an idea to what the problem could be and outcome which isn't the awful things I keep thinking it could be. If anyone has had a dog with the same problem id be grateful to hear what happened as I'm extremely worried for my dog. If I had the funds i wouldn't hesitate to have the emergency vet out.
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What breed is your dog and how old?  These sound like swollen lymph glands which could mean infection or other things you don't want to hear. It is possible they are getting so big they might be starting to close off his trachea.  Yes, you do need to monitor him and, if that gets worse, you need to get him in!  Any other areas of swelling like in his armpits or groin area?  When he lays down, try to keep his head elevated and extended.  You might try using a humidifier near him. I would limit activity to just going out to potty.  Sounds like he really needs to see the Vet fir an evaluation and some testing.  Please come back to update.
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Does he have a temperature? If so, how high? A dog's normal temperature can range around 101-102 Do you have a thermometer which is safe to be inserted anally?
If his temperature is high, the best plan is to get him in to see the emergency vet, even though there is an out-of hours charge on top of the fee. If you can do this on credit card or overdraft at the bank, that is better than the pain you would feel if you didn't and he needed help.

Pneumonia is a possibility...especially if his temperature is high? But of course none of us here can diagnose. Only a vet can do that.

Elevating his head while he lies down might help him breathe better?
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