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My dog has swollen glands in his neck

My 5 year old dachshund has swollen glands in his neck. I checked in other areas and I don't feel anything swollen,just only in his neck. Aside from cancer, I want to know if there's any other infections or anything that he could have. He was checked in November as a check up at the Vet's appointment, and he was fine. But that was in november and it is March now, so there could be something wrong? I want to take him to the Vet but my parents don't want to, and whatever this is, I want to catch early, what could it be?
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The causes of swollen glands could be many different things, but usually an infection or injury nearest to the affected glands. It could be a mild ear infection, or something wrong with a tooth.....it could be a reaction to a scratch, bite or sting....

Do try to persuade your parents to let you take him back to the vet for a check. If the vet cannot find any obvious reason for the swollen glands, they will run a blood test to see if there'sany other cause. They don't do that during an ordinary annual health check usually.
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We think he is okay, because he has not been acting any differently but we will go to the vet if there are any other problems. thanks
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Hello ginger899
I noticed your comment on the question about the swollen glands. I have a similar problem with my labrador Max. All of a sudden I noticed a bump on his back, it could be a swelling and I could not know if this is close to a gland. And your are right, Vets do not look at that. I would go to a Vet on some other issue, they would check him (and they are actualy Vets) but they would not find that swollen area. So I would have to bring him in once more and wished I could say something like: 'did you not notice that? How could you missed that?' Well the answer is, they do not look out for that. The speed with which this swelling occurred would favor some of the things you said although I panic when I image my lillte boy (1.5 years old) would have a more serious disease. I had this once before, went to a Vet and they pretty much said what you just said, let's hope it resolves by itself. And to more specific, with Max I went to a Swiss Vet because Max travels with me to Switzerland whenever I got for a longer trip. Do these stings and injuries happen and we as humans do not notice that when they occur?
Best regards
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I'm so sorry I missed your post before. If your dog has a swelling on his back, then it is very remiss of the vet not to notice this at an examination. The best I can suggest is to definitely take your dog to another vet!

They look at the teeth and eyes, they check the heart, they feel the groin lymph nodes, but to miss that kind of swelling.....?

It depends what is causing the swelling. Only a thorough examination by a (decent) vet could determine that.  
Yes it is possible our dogs can get bitten or stung without us knowing. My dog suddenly developed an abscess on her back a year or so ago. One day it wasn't there, next day it was. Of course I took her to have it drained professionally and she's been ok since. But these things do happen. (That was a reddened large swelling about 1" across, which was very tender to the touch)

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Does your dog have bad teeth or bad breath?  An oral infection can lead to tonsillitis.  My dog had tonsillitis untreated and now he may have septicemia.  The vet diagnosed it by feeling my dog's neck and looking in his mouth.  
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We have same problem with our dog. Swollen glad on one side, both lymph nodes on neck swollen, increased thirst, urination, generally less energy. CPC came back normal, teeth are fine, blood work came back fine as well. Vet really doesn't see anything abnormal, but my dog is not himself! The only thing is that they want to test now is his urine that I need to catch him in the morning.
Hi my dog has same issue what response did you get from the vet
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Hi, I was reading your post because I am having the same problem with my 6 month old Brussels Griffon/Yorkie Mix puppy.  She has swollen glands on both sides of her neck.  She has decreased appetite, decreased muscle strength, increased thirst and urination.  She does eat but not as much as usual.  She will be her normal self in the mornings and later throughout the day she will slowly show signs of being sick.  I have de-wormed her, she has had her vaccinations, we changed her diet thinking that could be the problem.  Everything we do it helps for a brief period and she goes right back to being sick again.  I have taken her to a vet and he told me that he did not know what was wrong with her and didn't even notice that she had swollen glands.  I did not notice the swollen glands until after we left the vets office.  if you or anyone has any idea of what could be going on could you please reply.  Thank You
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First, this is an old thread and it would be best if you start a new one.
Aside from that, I would possibly be finding a new Vet.  
Did you use an OTC wormer or one your Vet gave you?
Are you sure the glands are swollen?  If they are, that could be a sign of infection or something more serious.
Did the Vet give her a thorough oral exam?  Have you checked her teeth and gums fir any sign of infection?  Any eye or nasal discharge?
If this Vet did not run a complete blood panel, one should be done.  This may help to indicate if there is an infection going on.
Feel the rest if the body for any other lumps or swellings like under the arm pits and the groin area.
Sometimes, with any suspicious lump, at least getting an aspiration biopsy might be warranted.  
If she has been sick and getting no better, you need to consult with a Vet and get some testing done.
Good luck and please come back to update.
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My dog and was the same for 3 years. He started hiding away from us as the day went on. He's play etc but when he wasn't busy he'd deliberately hide away. One decent vet and expensive blood test later he was diagnosed with pancreatic disease. We control with a simple low fat kibble. Turns out wet food is full of fat and more and more dogs can't metabolise the fat content. Try get a dry food (wet with warm boiled water if your dog prefers wet foods) and no more than 8% fat or oils! Anything with a moisture content is bad!
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My 10 year old Boxer has huge swollen lymph nodes and apparently all over his body.  The vet says he has cancer and that there is nothing to do.  I just remembered he had a tick on his neck 2 weeks ago, and am wondering if he should have an antibiotic treatment, just in case it is an infection and not cancer, even if the vet is positive it is cancer and didn't do a biopsy.
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My dog overnight swelled up on the left side of her mandible, Hard on left side soft on the right took biopsy on in awaiting results which could take 2 or 3 days which as we  know can fatal to the dog,  can't drink or eat at all can you help we are open to all graceful suggestions thank you film Robert Lee G.
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