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Pacing and/or circling

On three occasions I’ve noticed my dog abruptly get up run between two rooms and/or circle around once he is back in my room and sit down fast. Almost seems like circling but this morning he ran out of my room back in and was just pacing and sitting down or trying to. Before this incident he was biting at his butt. Other than that he seems happy and no other concerns. Just turned 8 GoldenDoodle - this happened once in May, July and now this morning. I’ve reached out to the vet but she said if there weren’t many episodes then to wait until his annual to discuss.
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I think you are thinking the same thing I am which is that your dog is in distress. When is his annual exam?
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I believe next month or November. I have recorded it the last two times. My husband thinks he had a nightmare but I’m not sure. I thought maybe something he felt because he did bite at his side before he ran out this time. The vet doesn’t seem like it’s serious if she said it could wait, but I’m just an anxious person myself worrying.
The reason you can't change it to any sooner is the spacing of the vaccines? My dog does have nightmares but she normally lays in a sleeping position while it happens. I appreciate your worry, I think I'd probably be the same way. Everything will probably be fine. Maybe look for another ver's office.  Seriously, you should feel like your concerns are being taken serious. These pets are like family.
I think so she said if it wasn’t many episodes to just discuss at the annual. I’m going to check if it’s next month or November.
I was able to move up his annual because his vaccines are due in September, so we will see.

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