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Possible obstruction

My puppy threw up toy stuffing 4 times the first day. Wouldnt eat or drink so I forced some down. He would throw the food up later. Now Im giving fluids by IV and Nutrical. He had diarrhea twice and the rest were more normal. But of course he hasnt eaten now in 5 days so he's out of poo. He doesnt do anythign but lie on the couch.

Anything I can do for him til I can get the money for a vet? How can I get what might be stuck in his tummy passed?
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First, you can't wait to get money for a vet.  Your puppy is probably dying right now.  If he is obstructed, the worst thing you can do is force feed him.  YOU can't get the obstruction to pass.  Your puppy needs a vet and he needs one right now.  Since you live in Dallas, there should be any number of ER vets available to you.  If you have any kind of relationship with a regular clinic vet (has you puppy even had shots yet?) call that clinic now for instructions.

Many vet clinics, including ERs, will work with you on a payment basis or offer financing.  Sad to say, but the problem will probably require surgery because you waited so long.  So many times people withhold medical care from their pets trying to save money, but the problem only gets worse and even more expensive to treat over time.

Just get going to an ER clinic and see what they say and take it from there.  What you can't continue to do is wait and let your puppy's suffering go on one more moment.  Obstructions are extremely painful, and the suffering is tremendous without at least some kind of pain and nausea medication.  I know this from my own experience, and it's no different in animals.  
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Please take him into the vet ASAP. He needs evaluation, possible enema, and probable surgery to remove the foreign body. The longer you wait, the worse the complications.  I know of nothing you can do at home in this stage(I'm assuming he threw up the stuffing 5 days ago?). He is in distress and needs care.

Help your puppy now and worry about money later. Most vets are very understanding and will let you have a payment plan, especially with Emergencies like this. Good luck.
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