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Recommend your Vet Clinics and Trainers Here!

The current topic regarding ER clinics made me wonder if a thread containing member-recommended ER clinics, regular clinics and even trainers might be helpful.  If we get enough responses I can ask the mods to permanently pin the list, or cut and paste them into a Health Page.  

Please restrict this list to people and clinics with whom you have had positive experiences.  The object here is not to libel any person or clinic, but to share those you happily recommend.  :-)

Here is who I rely on in my area west of Houston, TX:

Clay Road Animal Clinic, Dr. Smith DVM.  16618 Clay Road, Houston, TX 77084, 281-550-2552
You may have to wait a while late in the afternoons or Saturday mornings because Dr. Smith is very thorough in examining every pet.  He is very patient with the animals and also about fully explaining any treatment and answering questions, in addition to charging the most affordable fees I've ever found here.  Great vet for any pet except birds.  He's skeert!  

Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists - REFERRAL FROM YOUR VET ONLY!
1111 West Loop South (Galleria area)
Houston, TX 77027

Gulf Coast takes the "hopeless" cases that cannot be treated or have failed in treatment from your own vet.  Cases are taken by referral only, so you can't just walk in or make an appointment without the referral.  This animal hospital operates better than many human hospitals I've been in, which is why it is very expensive.  Your pet has 24/7 human-level care, with ICU facilities if necessary.  They also treat animals with cancer with the latest in chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  The best facility in the area for any pet (including birds) that has serious problems.


Animal Emergency Clinic
Occupies same building as Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, but is actually a separately run business.
Same contact information listed above.

The Animal Emergency Center of West Houston
Dr. Cindy McCauley
4823 Highway 6 North  (HEB shopping center, Keith-Harrow & Hiway 6)
Houston 77084
832-593-VETS (8387)
Fax: 832-593-8388
Weekdays: 6pm-7:30am
24hours: Weekends and Holidays

Veterinary Emergency Referral Group, Inc.  (VERGI)
8921 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX 77024


Dogwood Dog Training & Sports Center
Debby Quigley Owner
8425 West Road
Houston, Texas 77064
# 713-849-9115
Dogwood staff have helped us train our most recent two dogs.  They offer every level of training imaginable from puppy to basic and advanced obedience, show and agility training.  Best training classes I've found in Houston.
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bump to the top for the new week crew.  :-)
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Well, this one appears to be a flop.  LOL!  Is there nobody who can actually recommend their own vet out there?  :-)
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