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Severe Aggression

Our family dog an almost 14 year old beagle named Bobbie. My stepfather found him at work when he was 3 years old. He was amazing and had typical beagle behavior. A couple months ago, he started limping and having seizures. Turns out, he has arthritis in his hips and was showing early signs of prostate cancer. He wasn't neutered so my mom got him neutered to save his life. Now, he's EXTREMELY aggressive. He constantly does this growling-bark thing to everyone, including the 6 people who live in the house. He has lunged at myself, my stepdad and my mom. He was NEVER like this. He did however, barked at everyone. It got to the point where if we have a family party at the house, we have to give him a tranquilizer pill but that doesn't even work. (the vet recommended it). And the vet says that the neutering has nothing to do with his aggression. What could be the other causes? His arthritis is under control with medication. And besides being old and having arthritis, he's generally healthy, the vets say he has the health of a 5 year old pup. We don't know what to do.
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You may be seeing canine senility here.  There are treatments that can help this.  Google it and see your vet.  Blessings - Blu
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I agree with Blu. Also, in people with early stage dementia, having to undergo anesthesia can sometimes cause a rapid worsening of the symptoms. (This happened to my dad)  Dunno if it applies to dogs, but it might help explain the sudden changes.

Good luck!
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I would agree the neutering probably has nothing to do with the aggression.  Dementia may be an issue.  He could have a thyroid or hormonal imbalance, which can be tested.  He may be losing his sight and/or hearing or be in pain and you don't realize it.
What puts up a red flag for me was you saying he was having seizures.  Was the cause ever determined and were any tests done or medication given?  This may be a neurological problem I think should be further evaluate.
Please keep us posted, poor guy and poor you.
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The vet has no idea why he was seizing. All x-rays, blood work and MRIs came back normal. He hasn't had an attack in about 4 months now.
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Hiw long ago were the blood tests done?  I would ask that a T3, T4 test be done to rule out hypothyroid.
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My friend had a cocker that was about 14 and had been having sporadic seizures. He then got very aggressive. They diagnosed a brain tumor. You may want to have this checked as well.
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he gets one done every 2 months
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Check the side effects of his arthritis medication.
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We checked. Aggression isn't one of them. My mom is making an appt with the vet this week.
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Could be age, maybe a "stronger' or "better" emotional drug/tranquilizer would be the best solution.  

Does he eat and toilet in the normal ways?  Does he seem to be in pain?  Maybe a pain relief is worth a try, best if agreed by the the vet.  I would resist a prescription pain killer from the vet if the vet will agree to try some over the counter first.  We have used only prescription pain management, usually a liquid, on our dog.  But, I use over the counter antihistamine on a regular basis, can't say it does a lot of good.

What's the live expectancy for a beagle?  I'd guess 14 is in the last year or two of life in any case.  
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I feel aggression comes with age rather then any problem, try to see a better vets who actually get better understanding of his health.
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He's not having any eating or potty issues. He eats good and let's us know when it's time for him to go outside. He doesn't seem to be in any pain.

And the life expectancy is about 16 years, but I know someone who has a beagle that's 22.
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I live in a small town. We only have one vet. The next closest one is about an hour and a half away
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