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Sick 10.5 yr old dog.

My 10.5 yr old boxer/rhodesian ridgeback has a huge swollen are in the left abdominal area. It's causing her front left leg to bow out from her body, even causing her to walk with her front left paw turned inward. This just began approximately 3 weeks ago, the area is increasingly getting larger. She is very over weight but has never experienced anything like this before. Can anyone provide any input that may help me to understand what's going on with her?  A trip to the vet is not financially possible at this time.
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I'm sorry to hear you are financially unable to take the dog to the Vet. Do you have a Vet that would let you make payments perhaps?  The dog must be uncomfortable.  At that age, it could be anything from a cyst, abscess or tumor and really should be checked out. There is just no way to give advice about something like that in this type of forum.
Hope you can work things out.  
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I agree with Margot. This really IS a case for a vet to take a look. We here cannot diagnose what could be the matter with your dog. It could be a  number of things.Do you have a Credit Card? If so pay the vet on that...you will make montly payments off on the card.
Thereare also resources which may help you. Take a look at the Health Pages article "Resources to help pay for vet care" (I think it's called) To get to the Health article pages, scroll down this page, and on the right at the very bottom under "Most viewed Health Pages" click on "view all health pages". You should find it somewhere there.
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Thankyou ginger899, Your information has been very helpful.
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